Kicking the Habit: Positive Strategies to Help Quit Smoking

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 After years of undisputable scientific proof there is no longer any dispute that smoking cigarettes and other tobacco-related habits has a negative effect upon human health.  Yet there is also continued consumption and even increased use of tobacco products.  Many smokers claim they are confirmed tobacco users, when they privately wish to kick the habit.  Their problem is exacerbated by the tendency to make them feel as if they are lepers.  Society’s pressure makes it even harder for them to quit by causing such stress that they turn to their addiction as a means of release.  Society’s constant pressure to get people to abandon an injurious habit may have the opposite effect of making that habit more entrenched among those who would abandon it.  There are more positive approaches that can help a smoker abandon the habit while also encouraging involvement in healthier activities.

For those seeking to encourage a friend or relative to quit smoking one beneficial approach is to encourage their involvement in outdoor activities.  Hiking, camping, kayaking and fishing are all healthy activities that provide great exercise as well.  Make a fishing or camping trip use quality outdoor wear and equipment from Columbia when you make your trip; their products are available at significant discounts of up to 70% off when purchased with a Groupon promo code.  And their outerwear can keep one dry, warm and protected from the varies of the weather and the activities that you encounter when engaged in fishing, hunting or camping adventures.  Their products enable you to concentrate upon enjoying the adventure and appreciating the outdoors.

 Can a fishing trip be a way to encourage a friend to quit smoking?  It is definitely worth a try.  Or take regular hikes or bike rides through the park as a way to get in shape when one is also kicking the habit.  Making such ventures part of your regular lifestyle is a great technique for improving personal health and welfare.  A smoker may find such activities the best way to indulge in new ways to benefit their health while helping to quit smoking.  The positive encouragement from supportive friends is a valuable element that may often be essential when trying to quit a lifelong habit.  Such a venture can have beneficial results for all concerned.…

7 Benefits of Bit Black Honey for Health

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When you hear the word honey, surely what you have in mind is a sweet and legit benada. However, it turns out honey also has other types that are not sweet. This type of honey is known by the name of black honey bitter. As the name implies this bitter black honey is a honey that has a dark black color, in contrast to the honey in general that is yellow brown. In addition, this bitter black honey also has a bitter taste and has a very low sugar content when compared to ordinary honey in general.

The Origin of Black Honey

The bitter black honey itself is present in the forests of Borneo, where this honey is derived from the processing of nectar produced by wild bees, which takes it from mahogany trees. This is what causes a bitter taste and also black color on the honey because it is taken from the mahogany tree. Currently, this honey has been sold a lot in the form of bottle packaging, such as honey in general with various brands. You can choose in drug stores as well as pharmacies, as well as some may also be sold in traditional markets and you can buy online who sell original forest honey online

Just like honey in general, bitter black honey also has a lot of benefits for our bodies. What are the benefits? The following are some of the benefits of black honey:

1. Accelerate the healing process of various diseases
The first benefit of bitter black honey is that it can help to accelerate the healing of illness and also injury. With its high vitamin C benefits, black bitter honey can also help to heal wounds and also speed healing from various diseases. You just drink it regularly, 3 tablespoons a day to obtain maximum results.

2. High antioxidants
Bitter black honey also has a high antioxidant content. This high antioxidant benefits very well to help ward off free radicals and also can prevent premature aging, as well as the possibility of the emergence of cancer cells in the body. In addition to high antioxidants, black honey bitter also contains anti-bacterial and anti-virus content. This can keep the body from the entry of viruses and bacteria that cause various diseases.

3. Can increase endurance
Just like honey in general, black honey has a very good benefit to help improve endurance. This is of course very useful for you to prevent the emergence of attacks of various diseases, such as flu, cough, and fever. In addition, for children, black honey is also very good to protect from various disease-causing germs when playing outdoors.

4. Lower blood sugar levels and good for diabetics
In contrast to honey, in general, the benefits of black honey have a low content of sugar low, so black honey is very good to be consumed by diabetics who have high blood sugar levels. In addition, the bitter black honey also has a very good content to help lower blood sugar levels in the body. So, for those of you who suffer from diabetes, try to consume this bitter black honey.

5. Can restore stamina
Do you feel tired after a day of work? If so, try to consume black honey bitter. Yes, black bitter honey works to restore your stamina that has been drained after a day of activity, That way, you also become fresh again and also powerful to continue your activities and not easily feel tired again.

6. Can relieve symptoms of uric acid
Uric acid is one of the symptoms that arise due to the crystallization of fat in the joints of the body. When the recurrence of uric acid can cause extraordinary symptoms of pain and torture the sufferer, because it may cause the sufferer is difficult to move freely because of his illness. However, to relieve symptoms of uric acid, try to consume black honey bitter.

With a good nutritional health for the body, black honey also has a bitter content and also a very good benefit to relieve symptoms of uric acid that you feel.

7. Lowering cholesterol levels
Are you suffering from high cholesterol? Are you worried about your illness? If so, you can try to consume the bitter black honey. Yes, bitter black honey also has a good benefit to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Benefits of black honey are consumed regularly, then cholesterol levels in the body will slowly decrease, so you will feel the symptoms of high cholesterol is reduced.…

The impact of excessive exercise

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Exercise can be said to be excessive if done too often, with many times done in a day, which is actually once a session or twice is sufficient (may be more).

Likewise, if the sport is done with too long, up to hours in every day, then this is also not good.

As for everyday sports are still allowed, with the time of the hour / time is not excessive, it is recommended at least 30 minutes, whether for sports jogging, cycling etc.

The real danger is to exercise every day with a long time, even more than 1 hour for jogging (for example), then this obviously needs to be avoided.

Excessive exercise, in addition to causing the body pain, even to physical injury and muscle, can also lead to the occurrence of dehydration in the body.
Other problems are at risk of insomnia, depression, excessive fatigue in too long, so it will disrupt your activities.

Below is a Complete Explanation below.

Bad Injury

This certainly is certain, excessive exercise will make the body become excessive fatigue, so we will be very easy to get injured.

The most dangerous is to the extent that the body sprained to a broken bone. Or the minimum will make the body become muscle pain, so the sport that strengthens the body just actually make the condition of the body becomes bad.

Risk of Heart Failure

Excessive exercise fatigue can also make the heart weak, so it can increase the risk of damage to the heart, so it is important enough your daily nutrition to avoid it.

The Immune System Decreases

When sleeping is actually automatically the body will recover, but if you exercise too long resulted in reduced rest time, in addition to the body becomes very tired.

Thus causing the immune system also become weakened. As a result the body is very susceptible to disease such as cough, headache, fever, and other diseases.

Menstrual Disorders

Excessive exercise also causes too much body fat loss.

If such problems are experienced by women, the risk of menstrual abnormalities, and if such a thing lasts for a very long time, then it can be risky for infertility in women.

Resulting in the Release of Free Radicals

Too long exercise can also lead to the occurrence of excessive free radical release.

It is so very dangerous because it can be at risk of increasing the risk of gene mutation and cancer.

Have Difficulty Sleeping

Exercising is very useful so that we can sleep more soundly, but if doing exercise excessively it will make insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

Difficulty sleeping because the body is stressed, causing cortisol expenditure, making it difficult to relax that makes you unable to sleep.


Excessive exercise will lead to depression. Unlike if exercising done normally will make the soul more confident.

As for excessive exercise to make the body become very tired, both physical and psychological so that makes the person will be at high risk of severe depression.

Disturbance of Relationships with Others

This eighth point can happen, because people who are addicted to exercise then time out for that alone.

So make it isolated from the family environment even his friends, such as not wanting to attend an event or an invitation or get-together because they really want to exercise.

So, although you are a regular exercise, but time to socialize with family and friends.

Job, School and Other Activities

Excessive exercise causes the body to become tired easily and emotionally unstable, so it can make it difficult to concentrate both in work and schoolwork.

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Benefits of Mangosteen for Young Pregnant Mother

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Mangosteen is a refreshing fruit with a very thick purple skin. This fruit does have a very pleasant outdoor appearance. Mangosteen flesh clumps on the inside of the skin with small seeds.This fruit has a characteristic taste of soft, sweet and refreshing. Pregnant women usually eat a lot of mangosteen fruit to overcome the feeling of nausea or excessive thirst.

Mangosteen fruit remains a mystery to all pregnant women. Some people say that the mangosteen fruit is a ban pregnant women who should not be eaten during pregnancy. But if you see the content in it can be said that the mangosteen fruit can meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. So, let’s prove that the mangosteen fruit contains good nutrition for pregnant women and fetuses. Here are some of the benefits of mangosteen for pregnant and fetal mothers:

Mangosteen Prevent Baby Defects

Pregnant women need the folic acid intake of 600 micrograms throughout pregnancy. Folate is necessary for the nutrition of pregnant women to prevent birth defects that occur in the spine and brain. Mangosteen has a folate content of 65 micrograms in every 50 grams of mangosteen fruit, this amount is certainly very large. The benefits of mangosteen for pregnant women help the baby grow so as to prevent defects in the brain, spine and some types of defects on the lips.

Establish Cartilage Network

Mangosteen contains about 0.3 milligrams of manganese in every 50 grams of meat. All pregnant women need manganese to help the formation of cartilage tissue and bone system in the fetus. The shape and physical perfection of the infant are determined by the amount of adequate manganese intake. Mangosteen fruit is very well consumed when starting signs of pregnancy in the first trimester. Even manganese also has a very important role to form a healthy fetus and protected from cancer.

Establishing Immune System

Pregnant women need healthy food intake for pregnant women who play a role to form a strong body immune support during pregnancy. Mangosteen is rich in sources of vitamin c, even in every 50 grams of mangosteen contains about 5.8 milligrams of vitamin c. While pregnant women need about 86 milligrams of vitamin c per day.

Vitamin c plays a role in improving maternal health, keeping the fetal health system from getting infected with bacteria and bacterial infections, and preparing the skin of pregnant women as the fetus grows.

Overcoming Constipation

Fiber is one of the special substances needed by pregnant women especially when entering into the first trimester. Pregnant women always experience pregnancy disorders such as constipation and discomfort due to the influence of hormones on the digestive system. In every 50 grams of mangosteen contains about 3.7 grams of fiber. The need for pregnant women is about 26 grams of fiber every day. Fiber on the mangosteen fruit will reduce the feeling of constipation.

Preventing Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a condition that can happen to all pregnant women. This condition is caused by the problem of blood vessels that experience pressure during pregnancy, because of poor diet and a history of high blood pressure before pregnancy. This condition can be a cause of miscarriage, maternal and fetal death, premature birth and fetal defects. Consumption of mangosteen fruit at least 2 pieces a day will reduce all the risk of preeclampsia. The benefits of mangosteen for pregnant women can affect blood pressure and protein absorption in the blood.

Maintain Skin Elasticity

During pregnancy, the abdominal skin of pregnant women will be stretched in accordance with the growing fetal development. Pregnant women need an intake that can make skin elasticity stay awake and able to return as before after birth. Mangosteen has a very high vitamin c content. Vitamin c also supports maternal skin to be flexible according to fetal condition and size.

Increase Metabolism

Many pregnant women complain about poor digestion and poor health. This is influenced because the body is preparing for the growth of the fetus. To prevent all these problems pregnant women can eat mangosteen fruit regularly. The benefits of mangosteen for pregnant women contain vitamin b complex that supports the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Foods that enter the body of pregnant women can be digested properly and the health of pregnant women will remain intact.

Control Heartbeat

Mangosteen is one type of fruit that contains a lot of potassium. Potassium is needed by pregnant women to control heart rate, maintain the fetal heart health as well as blood pressure system. Mangosteen will protect pregnant women and fetus from various diseases of heart disease. Potassium can also be obtained from the benefits of dates for pregnant women.

Overcoming tired for Pregnant Women

Mangosteen is one of the amazing fruits that have anti-inflammatory properties. This compound is very good for pregnant women because pregnant women usually …