Lip Injections for the Perfect Pout

With the increase in sales of lipsticks that claim to plump a woman’s lips, some women are turning to lip injections for a longer-lasting solution for thin pouts. With lip injections, doctors have better control of the volume of the plumped lips, and patients do not have to worry about surgical complications that can occur with permanent implants. If you’re a Norfolk resident pondering this procedure, before jumping online to google “lip injections Norfolk VA“, read on to learn about the type of lip injections that exist.

Fat Transfer Lip Injections

These lip injections use the fat of the person to produce bigger lips. A fat sample is taken by syringe from a plumper part of the body like the buttocks. Once collected, this fat is processed and then injected into the lips for the desired effect. The results of these injections typically last less than four months.

Collagen-based Lip Injections

By using a collagen-based filler, doctors use this protein’s natural ability to increase the structure of tissues to increase lip volume. While human collagen can be used in this procedure, collagen from cattle is also available. Bovine-based collagen may cause allergic reactions so doctors will do an allergy test before using the bovine variation. Human-based collagen does not require allergy testing and is typically removed from cadavers. Collagen-based injections can last a minimum of four months.

Hyaluronic Acid Lip Injections

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide found in the body that produces a gel-like matrix to give tissues volume and structure. Once injected into the lips, the hyaluronic acid within the filler binds to the water in the lips, causing the swelling to increase lip size. No allergy testing is needed for this procedure, and the effects can last six months.

While each type of injection has its benefits, they all provide a long-term volume that can counteract the signs of aging and bring a person confidence.