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Reasons to Consider Vinyl Flooring

Planning to remodel a room in your home, they add luxury vinyl flooring in the list of your flooring options. Vinyl floors have come a long way from looking dull and boring to become amazing luxury flooring. Forget the dull square patterns that you only find in your grandma’s house.

Because of technology, vinyl floors now look elegant. That is why more and more people are getting such flooring. Other than that there are five other reasons for joining the bandwagon.

The first reason is that there will be so many colors and styles that you can pick from. The second layer of the flooring the one where the design is printed using a rotary press and photoengrave plates. This is the reason that vinyl flooring has endless design possibilities. Moreover, you can even get the kind that looks almost like stone, tile, wood or brick. Depending on your budget and your preference, there is a vinyl flooring style that is absolutely right for you and your room.
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Next reason is that it is super easy to clean. The top surface is very resistant to scratches and stains. Generally, all you would need is a damp mop. Take note though, that after some time, this flooring will lose its luster so it is important that you have it buffed or recoated to get the “no wax” shine restored. Needless to say a little maintenance should not hurt. Take to the manufacturer regarding this.
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Third is that this kind of flooring is very durable and also long lasting. Simple put, they are wear resistant. Now, most types of vinyl flooring have at least three layers that makeup a durable, at the same time beautiful material. The first or the backing layer is typically made of either felt or fiberglass. The next layer, which sticks to the base, is the where the manufacturer prints the design. Depending on the style, the extra layer provides cushion. And the top is the “wear layer.”

Next reason is comfort. Some styles have cushioning which makes standing and walking for a long time on this flooring more comfortable than any surface.

The last and obvious reason for having vinyl flooring is less complicated installation.

Just like any flooring, this one also needs professional installation but it is so easy to do that you or your sales person can simply install it on top of your existing floor. Typically, you simply roll vinyl flooring over your existing and there is no need to cut or fit pieces together as you would with tiles. Nonetheless, this gives your more savings. If you need Perth Luxury vinyl flooring, go here.