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Hiking Poles and How to Effectively Use Them Hiking poles have been very useful to trekkers, backpackers, day walkers or any kind of outdoor adventurers. Surprisingly, not all of them know exactly how to use them effectively. First and foremost, hiking poles are used for support during trekking. They are designed to help trekkers move across terrains faster and easier. These aids make trekking a whole easier so the activities become very fun and worthwhile. However, there is more to hiking poles than what most people know. With proper use of hiking poles, the body gets better posture, thus is experiences less strain or stress. Moreover, the body experiences less exhaustion so it is able to get more oxygen as heart rate increases. With hiking poles, the effort is spread throughout out the body and not just legs.
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Most people are not aware of the purpose of the two points of impact that hiking poles are designed to have. These two contact points offer better stability for the user even on unfamiliar terrains. The user can feel more secure in unfamiliar grounds. With the right use of hiking poles, user decrease their chances of slipping.
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Using the best poles the market has to offer will be useless if you have no knowledge on how to use hiking poles correctly. It begins by properly setting them up. Not only that you need to buy poles of the right size, but you need to set it up to the right height. Also, there is a purpose to those straps. It helps you maintain grip on the pole even if you slip or stumble. With these straps or loops, you need not grip the poles too hard. Firm but relaxed grip is the better way of using hiking poles. Users also need to know why hiking poles have baskets at the tip. They keep the poles from burrowing deep down very soft ground. This again, is for better support. An added tip is to use two pairs of poles. You can never tell when you might need the extra pair. If the grounds are too steep, it is best to move sideways. How to use hiking poles downhill is another important topic. The poles must be slightly in front of the user’s body. The purpose is to engage the shock systems of the pole to lessen the impact of going downward. On the other hand, here is how to use hiking poles when going uphill. It is best to shorten the poles because ideally you should be pushing yourself off the ground with every step, not pull yourself up with the poles. The right way of using hiking poles is to gain support as you go high and not put your entire weight on the poles. For more instructions on the right of hiking poles, view website.

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