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3 Foods that can Accelerate the Cure of Dengue Fever

In a tropical country, dengue fever is still a frightening specter. Indonesia is the number one country in Southeast Asia related cases of dengue fever. While in the world, Indonesia ranks second after Brazil. Do not let dengue become an advanced complication. If handled properly, the disease can be cured.

Dengue Fever

What will happen when a person has dengue fever?

Aedes Aegypti mosquito probably infects dengue virus that lives in mosquito body simultaneously while sucking human blood. About four or six days after infection, there may be dengue symptoms. These symptoms are high fever, sore behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, and fatigue. Then the appearance of skin rash at two to five days after the fever.

These symptoms usually occur for ten days. It may even occur mild bleeding, such as the gums, nose, and easily bruised in the body. These symptoms can develop seriously. And can cause damage to lymph nodes and blood vessels, liver enlargement, circulatory system failure, heavy bleeding to death.

What foods can accelerate the healing of dengue?

If the doctor’s treatment advice is properly followed, the dengue fever usually begins to show signs of recovery within 3-5 days. Then healed in less than two weeks.

Most people will feel tired when just recovered from dengue fever. But this is natural and temporary. In fact, there are some people who take up to one and a half months until the condition is really fit.

There are some foods that can help speed your body recover from dengue fever.

  1. Guava

Guava can be your first choice. According to a study that has been published in the Journal of Natural Medicines. Guava can stimulate the formation of platelets or new blood platelets. Guava is also rich in quercetin. Natural chemical compounds that can be found in various types of fruits and vegetables.

Quercetin can suppress the formation of viral mRNAs that are essential genetic material for viral survival. If the virus does not have enough mRNA, the virus can not function properly. This will lead to viruses difficult to develop. Furthermore, the increase in the number of viruses in the body can be reduced. So eating guava in the form of whole fruit or juice can accelerate the healing of dengue fever.

You can also increase your immune system by consuming enough vitamin intake such as vitamin C. Vitamin C can help increase endurance and help the recovery process.

Guava contains vitamin C of 206 mg, four times more than oranges.

  1. Papaya Leaves

In addition to guava, you can also try papaya leaves to increase platelets. A study proves that papaya leaf extract has membrane stabilizing properties. It also protects blood cells from damage caused by stress. Therefore, papaya leaf extract can be useful for patients with dengue fever.

  1. Dates

Natural sugar content, such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, in the dates, proved able to restore the body’s energy. Not only that, iron in dates can naturally also increase the number of platelets in the body. In addition, the content of amino acids and fiber in dates is also capable of digestion.…

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Really Basil Leaves Effective to Treat Asthma?

ome herbs are believed to be able to overcome the symptoms of asthma relapse. Basil leaves are one of them. What does the medical world say about the benefits of basil leaves to treat asthma?

Basil Leaves

Overview of asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder caused by inflammation. Inflammation makes your respiratory tract swell and constrict. This inflammation also makes lung cells produce a lot more mucus than usual. As a result, asthma causes you difficulty breathing and coughing due to reduced air entering the lungs.

There are many types of asthma, but in general, there are five types of asthma:

  • Exercise-induced asthma (asthma due to exercise)
  • Nocturnal asthma (asthma at night)
  • Occupational asthma (asthma due to work)
  • Cough-variant asthma
  • Allergic asthma

Asthma can not the cure, but the symptoms can control with drugs. What about herbal remedies, for example with basil leaf?

Basil leaf is spice plant freshener (tonic) which is still one family with basil leaves and mint leaves.

Basil leaf is found to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antibacterial properties. Research shows that basil leaves are spices that have a wide variety of potential for health. One study showed that basil leaves contain a myriad of antioxidants such as phenolics and polyphenols, which include flavonoids and anthocyanins.

According to research conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Basil leaves contain (E) -beta-caryophyllene (BCP) which may be useful in the treatment of arthritis and inflammatory diseases.

Basil leaves have the same anti-inflammatory properties as ginger, which belief to reduce asthma symptoms. Anti-inflammatory content, antioxidants and natural antibiotics in ginger can help the body fight respiratory infections. So with the same content and properties, you can benefit from the relief of asthma symptoms from basil leaves.

The Benefits of Basil Leaves have not been Ascertain Medically

Unfortunately, no specific studies have focused on the benefits of basil leaf for the treatment of asthma.

But among the varieties of varieties of basil leaf, there is one variety that believes to have more benefits for treating respiratory problems. That type is holy basil or in Hindi called Tulsi.

Essential oils and special phytonutrients contained in holy basil leaf can help loosen blockages and reduce asthma symptoms. But again, this has not been scientifically proving.

Do not Haphazardly Use Herbal Remedies to Overcome Asthma

Most people choose to use herbal medicines because they want to avoid the risk of chemical drug dependence.

Even so, the use of herbal medicines, including basil leaf to treat asthma, still need to consult first with a doctor. It aims to ascertain whether your choice of herbal medicine is safe to use with prescription drugs. In other words, there are no potential dangerous drug interactions. As well as to determine whether you have an allergy to basil leaf that can actually trigger your asthma symptoms relapse.…

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Benefits of Mangosteen for Young Pregnant Mother

Mangosteen is a refreshing fruit with a very thick purple skin. This fruit does have a very pleasant outdoor appearance. Mangosteen flesh clumps on the inside of the skin with small seeds.This fruit has a characteristic taste of soft, sweet and refreshing. Pregnant women usually eat a lot of mangosteen fruit to overcome the feeling of nausea or excessive thirst.

Mangosteen fruit remains a mystery to all pregnant women. Some people say that the mangosteen fruit is a ban pregnant women who should not be eaten during pregnancy. But if you see the content in it can be said that the mangosteen fruit can meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. So, let’s prove that the mangosteen fruit contains good nutrition for pregnant women and fetuses. Here are some of the benefits of mangosteen for pregnant and fetal mothers:

Mangosteen Prevent Baby Defects

Pregnant women need the folic acid intake of 600 micrograms throughout pregnancy. Folate is necessary for the nutrition of pregnant women to prevent birth defects that occur in the spine and brain. Mangosteen has a folate content of 65 micrograms in every 50 grams of mangosteen fruit, this amount is certainly very large. The benefits of mangosteen for pregnant women help the baby grow so as to prevent defects in the brain, spine and some types of defects on the lips.

Establish Cartilage Network

Mangosteen contains about 0.3 milligrams of manganese in every 50 grams of meat. All pregnant women need manganese to help the formation of cartilage tissue and bone system in the fetus. The shape and physical perfection of the infant are determined by the amount of adequate manganese intake. Mangosteen fruit is very well consumed when starting signs of pregnancy in the first trimester. Even manganese also has a very important role to form a healthy fetus and protected from cancer.

Establishing Immune System

Pregnant women need healthy food intake for pregnant women who play a role to form a strong body immune support during pregnancy. Mangosteen is rich in sources of vitamin c, even in every 50 grams of mangosteen contains about 5.8 milligrams of vitamin c. While pregnant women need about 86 milligrams of vitamin c per day.

Vitamin c plays a role in improving maternal health, keeping the fetal health system from getting infected with bacteria and bacterial infections, and preparing the skin of pregnant women as the fetus grows.

Overcoming Constipation

Fiber is one of the special substances needed by pregnant women especially when entering into the first trimester. Pregnant women always experience pregnancy disorders such as constipation and discomfort due to the influence of hormones on the digestive system. In every 50 grams of mangosteen contains about 3.7 grams of fiber. The need for pregnant women is about 26 grams of fiber every day. Fiber on the mangosteen fruit will reduce the feeling of constipation.

Preventing Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a condition that can happen to all pregnant women. This condition is caused by the problem of blood vessels that experience pressure during pregnancy, because of poor diet and a history of high blood pressure before pregnancy. This condition can be a cause of miscarriage, maternal and fetal death, premature birth and fetal defects. Consumption of mangosteen fruit at least 2 pieces a day will reduce all the risk of preeclampsia. The benefits of mangosteen for pregnant women can affect blood pressure and protein absorption in the blood.

Maintain Skin Elasticity

During pregnancy, the abdominal skin of pregnant women will be stretched in accordance with the growing fetal development. Pregnant women need an intake that can make skin elasticity stay awake and able to return as before after birth. Mangosteen has a very high vitamin c content. Vitamin c also supports maternal skin to be flexible according to fetal condition and size.

Increase Metabolism

Many pregnant women complain about poor digestion and poor health. This is influenced because the body is preparing for the growth of the fetus. To prevent all these problems pregnant women can eat mangosteen fruit regularly. The benefits of mangosteen for pregnant women contain vitamin b complex that supports the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Foods that enter the body of pregnant women can be digested properly and the health of pregnant women will remain intact.

Control Heartbeat

Mangosteen is one type of fruit that contains a lot of potassium. Potassium is needed by pregnant women to control heart rate, maintain the fetal heart health as well as blood pressure system. Mangosteen will protect pregnant women and fetus from various diseases of heart disease. Potassium can also be obtained from the benefits of dates for pregnant women.

Overcoming tired for Pregnant Women

Mangosteen is one of the amazing fruits that have anti-inflammatory properties. This compound is very good for pregnant women because pregnant women usually …

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How to Easily Distinguish Real and Fake Honey

Honey, this sweet-smelling drink proved to be very beneficial to human health. All genres of medical science such as western, eastern and Arab medicine strongly recommend honey to maintain health or help cure the disease. In fact, not infrequently even traditional medicine recommends beverages collected by these bees.

That’s why honey is now a commodity that sold well in the market. Almost everyone needs it. Whereas the total production of honey may be relatively limited. Because of this lucrative market, some entrepreneurs or sellers are attracted to misbehavior by faking it.

Before discussing how to distinguish real or fake honey. It is better to know in advance the characteristics of each type of honey.

What is the Criterion of Real and Fake Honey?

Obviously, if you ask about real honey, everyone will answer the pure honey from the flower nectar fermentation without any mixture. Are you asking how the honey criteria? The explanation may be a bit longer because of this falsification of so many variations. The honey forgery is more or less like this:

Counterfeiting Quantity

Done by adding the volume of the original honey with fake honey. Fake honey can be produced from a mixture of water and sugar Java which will be mixed with the original honey so that will increase the volume.

Quality Forgery

Usually done by changing the water content of honey that was high, then lowered by heating so that the water content decreases. If it has decreased the viscosity of honey will increase so it will look like the original

Comprehensive Counterfeiting

What makes this type of honey can be said is a real fraud, because the honey actually comes from artificial sweeteners or sugar Java so there is no element of the bee flower nectar.

How to Distinguish Real and Fake Honey?

Well, once you know the mode of forgery, now it’s time you know how to distinguish honey that you buy is original or just fake. I differentiate it into three stages. Stage before purchase, after purchase and advanced inspection

Before Buying

Before buying make sure you pay attention to the top of the honey. Does it look clear or there are brown deposits? If you find the precipitate, it is likely that the honey is not pure anymore. This condition can be detected if the honey has been silenced for some time.

After that Beat the honey-filled bottle, if there is a little froth means honey is genuine. The original honey has gone through the process of fermentation in the house of the bees, so if the shake will produce gas, this gas that causes froth, therefore gas will press the bottle cap up, so that if the opening will cause sound.

See there expiry no? It is said that the original honey has no expiration, so if you find honey with an expired date label even with a short expiry date the possibility of honey is false because it has been mixed with preservatives.

After Buying

Real and fake honey can be distinguished by feeling it. Original honey has a distinctive flavor that can not be imitated by fake honey. Original honey has a naturally sweet taste and does not feel sour throat. Sometimes fake honey creates itching and discomfort in the throat, it is caused by mixed ingredients that are mixed into the fake honey. The weakness of this method is very difficult to distinguish for those who do not yet know the characteristics of honey. Because for beginner fans, all the flavor of honey is the same, that is sweet

Advanced Checking

Pouring Honey in Water

Pour the honey into a glass of water. If the honey is the original honey will soon fall into the glass, while if fake honey tends to spread and make the water turbid, Honey has a strong coagulation power/attraction is not a fake. Because the same cause when poured the original honey is not interrupted while false honey fall falls.

To be sure, you can stir up a mixture of honey and water. Let stand for 20 minutes then see the result. If at the bottom of the glass there is a fine grain deposit of yellowish honey is genuine. The sediment is a pollen bee or flower pollen, while if the color of the sediment is brown, it is possible that the honey is genuine because the brown precipitate is the dregs of sugar.

Forming a Hexagonal Pattern

Maybe this is a magical way to distinguish real or fake honey. Because it is scientifically provable. To see it, drop a few drops of honey into the dish. After that pour a few spoons of water, then shake a few times. If the honey is genuine, it will appear to form a hexagonal pattern or bee house pattern. If the …

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Finest Oranges for Juicing

We’ve all had our share of antioxidant-rich fruit juice from a carton, but nothing beats the flavor explosion of fresh-squeezed fruit juice. Freshly squeezed fruit juice is one among the good thirst quenchers of our time, but it can wreak havoc on your wallet. Freshly squeezed juice comes at a high price at a restaurant or store, but an equivalent juice can easily be homemade with the proper oranges and citrus juicer. As juicing has become more popular, the citrus juicer has made their way into the market allowing newbies to experience the advantages of juicing. Making your fruit juice is inexpensive and straightforward.

When it involves juicing, not all oranges are created equal. Excellent fruit juice depends on the sort of juice you wish. Some oranges provide a tangy sour flavor, while others are sweeter. Some juice connoisseurs wish to mix oranges for a singular flavor et al. prefer a straight blend of their favorite juicing orange. Some, just like the elusive bergamot, are too bitter for juicing, and therefore the sweetness and flavor factors vary among species. It is often hard to settle on, so we’ve gathered our top juicing varieties below and rated them consistent with juicing quality to assist you to opt which orange to plunge into your citrus juicer.


Navel oranges are the world’s popular orange variety. They’re easy to peel, readily accessible, and excellent for eating. But Navel oranges are picked a mean of two months after the peak in LARL content, which may spell bitterness if you are trying to form a juice batch to store within the fridge. Sweet orange juice is best if you drink it immediately.

Valencia Oranges

Known as the queen orange of Florida, Valencia oranges are one among the foremost popular and documented juicing oranges. This particular orange has avid juicers rushing to shop for them once they are in the season due to their perfect combination of tarty and sweet juice. If you’re on the brink of Florida these are often found moderately priced, but others should expect to pay higher prices for these gems thanks to their short season and high shipping costs.


These smaller sorts of Mandarin oranges are great for snacking, but they also make a pleasing juice with a rather different flavor profile. Thanks to their size, however, you’ll need a citrus juicer to juice a good number of them to urge any amount worth storing within the fridge.

Blood Oranges

If you wish juice with a bite, consider adding some blood oranges to your juicing experience. These appear as if a typical small orange from the surface, but opening them reveals a stunning crimson flesh. Not only will this add wonderful color and flavor to your juice, but they need a better antioxidant content than traditional oranges. Use carefully unless you wish super tarty fresh-squeezed fruit juice


This Japanese variety is notably easy to peel, sweet, and seedless, and features a light, refreshing flavor. They’re great for juicing, but since they’re on the smaller side (bigger than a clementine but smaller than a tangelo), you’ll get to pay more to urge an honest juice batch. They also tend to be costlier.…

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Top Ways To Optimize Your Restaurant Business

Let’s face it, there are a lot of restaurants competing for business. If possible, it’s a good idea to come up with a special niche or to separate yourself from the other food places in operation. This isn’t always easy, but it is something you can achieve with some thought and creativity. You can also get some help from some outside sources. Here are a few ways to bring your restaurant to the next level and keep your customers coming back for seconds.


Most restaurants do salads, but it is rare to find a place that truly excels at this healthy food choice. By providing an attractive arrangement of fruits, vegetables and greens, your restaurant will be remembered when people think about eating out. One way to distinguish your salad bar is with quality salad bar equipment that provides room and space for a variety of fresh foods. Specialized equipment can guarantee a favorable temperature for the food, keeping it fresh for longer. You can also incorporate soups and olive offerings at the bar.

Specialty Drinks

The majority of customers enjoy a beverage with their meal. Specialty drinks, especially craft beers, are very popular. In fact, the craft brewing craze has been popular for a number of years now. Many restaurants offer unusual flavors. One flavor is meant to taste like a particular cereal and uses toasted and cereal marshmallows in the ingredients. Another beer is super spicy with a mix of hot peppers in the ingredients.


Maybe it’s time to change the look of your establishment. Sometimes, this can catch the attention of the public and bring in new customers. One restaurant in the Maldives exists underwater and diners can watch manta rays and fish swim past as they eat. This might be a bit extreme, but other ideas might be worth a try.…

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Health Food

Utah Hospitals Present Some Enchancment On ​ Healthcare

The Ministry of Public Works wishes to advise the general public that the Waste Management Part of the Ministry of Public Works will be accumulating west end garbage tomorrow, Friday January 6th, and east end garbage on Saturday, January 7th. Social Services supplies high quality services to Newark’s kids and senior citizens by new technology; by collaborating with businesses; by figuring out assets for funding new and major and/or present packages; and by offering educational training for employees and group.

The function of the Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health (PHE) within the general work of WHO is to advertise a healthier setting, intensify major prevention and influence public insurance policies in all sectors so as to handle the foundation causes of environmental and social threats to well being.

In parallel with this however in a really totally different context, now we have been engaged on prognostic models to support choices on admission to intensive care in England, for sufferers with persistent obstructive pulmonary illness (Martin Wildman, Colin Sanderson) (MRC), and extra recently for patients with acute sepsis (Steve Harris, Colin Sanderson ) (Wellcome).

Patients’ views are important to attaining excessive-quality well being care. Stitching Namgyal (Holland) who generously sponsor a few of our torture survivors and Tibetan Snow lion Friendship Society of Japan has additionally donated used Garments, which is a superb assist to the victims and their families.…

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4 Fun Contest Ideas For Your Charity Golf Tournament

Charity golf events are a great way to raise money for a worthy cause, and have fun doing it! Golfers love any type of competition and golf tournament contests that benefit a charity are always popular activities. If you’re looking for a few contest ideas, here are four fun ones to get you started.

1. Putt for Cash

Golfers earn a set amount of cash for successful 50-feet or longer putts. You can make this a one-time prize, or award a payout for each lengthy putt, depending on your available budget and the skill of your tournament attendees.

2. Closest to the Pin

Pick one of the par 3 holes that are at least 150 to 165 yards away from the tee box and offer a prize to the golfer who lands the ball the closest to the pin. If your players are at an advanced level, up the ante by requiring the player to hit the ball within 1 foot of the hole.

3. Honest John

Before play begins, each player writes down a guess at what their final score will be at the end of the round. Whoever comes closest to their guessed score wins a prize! In the event of a tie, hold a putting contest to determine the winner.

4. Orange Ball

This contest allows every team a chance to win. Give each player group an orange ball at the first tee and advise them this ball must be used by a different player on every hole. Each team that doesn’t lose the ball during 18 holes of play is then entered into a drawing for a great prize.

Having these fun contests included in your charity golf tournament makes the event more inviting for golfers to participate and support your cause. Invite local businesses to sponsor one of the contests to raise even more money for your charity.…

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4 Ways To Get Fuller Hair

If your hair doesn’t look as full as you’d like, there are easy steps you can take to add volume and bounce to it. Try one or more of these ideas to get the fuller hair you crave.

1. Add Hair Extensions

A fast and easy way to get thicker tresses is to add hair extensions Westchester County NY. Technology has improved this solution so it’s easier to find ones that perfectly match your hair’s color and texture. Options are also available that are more temporary in nature with easy to place sections that can be easily removed when needed.

2. Avoid Hot Tools

If you’re addicted to your flat iron and hairdryer, it’s time to break that habit. Hot styling tools lead to hair damage, so the less you use them, the fuller your hair will be. If you swear there’s no way you can stop, invest in a better hairdryer that doesn’t use as much heat to dry your hair. Promise that you’ll always use a heat protectant spray before any heat styling.

3. Choose the Right Products

Hair products are formulated for use on specific hair types, so choose the right ones for your tresses. If you have fine hair, select a body-building shampoo, conditioner and lightweight mousse to add fullness. Those with coarser hair need to focus on using products that add moisture and tame frizz. If you still don’t have the fuller look you want, use a thickening texture spray to instantly add more volume.

4. Brush Regularly

There’s a reason your grandma brushed her hair 50 times before turning in for the night. Regular brushing distributes your natural oils throughout your hair to increase shine and protect it from damage. Avoid using a plastic one, which causes static, and opt instead for a ceramic or boar-bristle brush.

Try one or more of these tips to help you get the fuller hair you desire.…

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Stress Management Basics

Let’s face it, life is crazy and the stress of a pandemic on top of everything doesn’t help! Many of us are feeling the pressure to keep positive during this challenging time of uncertainty and economic and political upheaval. Thankfully, managing your stress doesn’t have to be a major ordeal. Here are three easy steps you can take to relieve the angst and turmoil of life.

Develop a Nighttime Routine

Oftentimes evening and nighttime can be the hardest when you are trying to calm the storm of stress. Developing a relaxing routine that includes a warm bath and other calming steps can be very beneficial and can even improve your ability to sleep. In addition to a bath, many people have found that incorporating some gentle yoga poses to soft music can help them unwind after a stressful day.

Relax Those Muscles

One of the best ways to ease physical tension is to get your muscles to relax. For many of us, that is easier said than done. Thankfully, the power of massage can help relieve built-up knots and painful areas of tension in the neck, shoulders, back or wherever you hold your stress. A special type of massage treatment that is ideal for stressed out muscles is trigger point therapy phoenix az. Trigger point therapy consists of rubbing and pushing on trigger points that ease the radiating pain.

Get Moving

Even mild exercise has been shown to provide endorphins that can help you relax. From a walk to a hike to a bike ride, there are countless ways to get your body moving. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself to run a marathon if that isn’t your thing, just start small and watch your stress decrease as you keep moving. Not only does exercise ease stiff and achy muscles but it can help you clear your head too.

Managing your stress doesn’t have to be daunting. Take small steps toward healthy habits that will keep you going even when life gets difficult.…

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Cool Ways To Achieve a Higher Consciousness

Most people exist in a world of tasks and duties and rarely if ever reach for the higher realms of human consciousness. That does not mean these realms do not exist. With a different focus, people can tap into different layers and areas of the mind. This could have many benefits such as enabling a person to get out of self-defeating patterns or the clear the mind of tension and worry. A whole new world awaits those who are willing to open their minds.

Access the Akashic Records

This technique often uses the services of an experienced spiritual healer who can guide people into new directions using ancient powers and wisdom. This approach uses readings from sacred texts, Chakra toning, energy clearing, pendulum dowsing Temecula and home and office clearings. The dowsing is a form of interacting with hidden powers to get a yes or no answer on an important question in a person’s life. It’s a way to consult with a universal intelligence to receive clarity on important matters.

Enjoy the Feeling of Meditation

According to Forbes, a regular practice of meditation can actually change a person’s brain in positive ways. For the elderly, it can play a role in preserving the brain and result in better functioning. It can also help a person become less self-absorbed, allowing them to focus on things besides their worries and fears. It can also be an effective alternative to antidepressants and other medications used for treating anxiety and depression.

Delve Into a Good Book

Reading a good book is also a way to bring a person into a relaxed state of mind. This ancient activity also diverts a person’s attention away from the problems of the world. Plus, depending upon what a person is reading, a good book can impart all manner of information and wisdom.…