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3 Reasons To Relocate to Massachusetts if You’re in the Home Care Industry

By lexutor Jul3,2020

Home care refers to support provided to an individual by a professional within the home. It includes recovering from major surgery or illness, dealing with a chronic medical condition, or assisting the elderly with day-to-day living to avoid nursing home placement. It is a $93 billion industry and growing. One specific state is gearing up to be a hub of all this growth, for three reasons.

1. Elderly Home Care Massachusetts Is A Priority

Massachusetts is the state leading this boom, due to the elderly care arm of the overall home care industry. Senior care is a strong focus in this state, with heavy involvement from government and non-government entities alike. All six state-funded health care programs cover home care for the elderly to some extent. As a result, senior citizens in the state can comfortably utilize the many resources available to them, such as agencies that provide in-home foster care.

2. A Population Explosion Is Coming

There has never been a better time to work in the elderly home care Massachusetts industry. Consider the numbers: People ages 65 and older currently make up about 15% of the population. By 2060 that number will be around 24% (or about 100 million people). That’s a percentage hike exponentially larger than previous generations have seen; skilled providers of in-home care, already in demand, will be even more so. Caregivers interested in expanding their business and purchasing a franchise may find this to be the right time to do so, especially with exciting technological advancements on the horizon.

3. Elderly Home Care in Massachusetts Is Going Digital

Conscientious management of this growth will rely on digitization and further implementation of telehealth. User-friendly apps, devices with sensors that are worn and used to transmit information, large button laptops and smartphones, and even smart home amenities like Google’s voice-controlled Alexa are all components of this shift to telehealth. These digital upgrades, and those still to come, are the basis of a report released by The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council highlighting the opportunities Massachusetts has to be “a leading global destination for digital health.”

Home care providers may find new job opportunities in Massachusetts. The state has substantial and growing support for the senior care industry.

By lexutor

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