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5 Reasons to Carry Insurance for Your Home

By lexutor Nov11,2017

It may seem like everything you own has to have insurance coverage of some kind, but you can easily see why home insurance is critical with all of the news reports of devastating loss from hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters. there are also a few everyday and common occurrences that can happen and cause a loss of personal property. Below are five reasons that carrying adequate homeowners insurance is a good idea.


Fires can be caused for a variety of reasons, such as electrical wiring, faulty appliances, furnaces, fireplaces, or arson. The damage from even a small localized fire can cause extensive damage and loss. Having the right insurance policy is the only way to recoup enough to rebuild, or fix the damage that was done.


An earthquake might be a rare occurrence but nature seems to be rather unpredictable these days. Living outside of an earthquake zone might make it a nearly impossible thing to happen, but you need to have a special policy in place that covers damage from this type of event. It is not covered under a basic home insurance policy.


Flooding of your home that is caused by the failure of internal plumbing pipes is generally covered in nearly all home insurance policies. You will need to talk with an agent about a policy that covers flooding from natural sources outside the home, such as rivers, oceans, and storms. The rates are fairly reasonable and provide great protection.

Theft and Burglary

Going on vacation, being off at work, or otherwise away from the home and returning to find it broken into is not the experience a homeowner looks forward to. All of your electronics, appliances, jewelry, nice clothing, food, tools and even pets can be stolen in a matter of minutes. A home insurance policy can help recoup the loss and provide you with the needed cash to replace as many items as possible.


Theft of your personal property can often make more sense than coming home to find your things ruined. Broken windows, spray-painted exterior surfaces, broken shrubbery, and trees, destroyed lawns and patio furnishings all can be costly to repair or replace. Most home insurance policies have a vandalism clause that will help make needed repairs.

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By lexutor

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