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By lexutor Mar22,2018

Different Forms Of Spiritual Practices That Help In Recovery.

Whether a person is on their first day or have spent years in sobriety, recovering from addiction is a long process. Spirituality was listed as an effective way to help a person in recovery in an article written by Dr. Stephanie Carroll of the California School of Professional Psychology and published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Spiritual practices such as meditation, praying, communing with nature, and reading spiritual material has a significant positive relation with the time one takes to recover. Spirituality can be belief in a higher power such as the Universe, Mother Earth, surfers or even the ocean and not necessarily belief in God as stated in a 12 step program.

Meditation as a spiritual practice can help a person learn how to stay focused and grounded as well as help them manage their stress by providing calming experience. It has been proven that meditation have psychological benefits of helping to rewire the brain’s pathways and create new connections that help an addict to deal with daily stressors more effectively. There are many forms of meditation that one can choose from in consideration of their recovery process with the main forms being mindfulness, spiritual, movement, and mantra.

Visualisation spiritual technique helps to speed up the recovery. It is more popular among people finding a balance in recovery such as athletes and CEOs. Visualisation in addicts’ works by helping them stay motivated with clearer goals that they have set to achieve. It can be used to alleviate stress, create a real feeling of joy and comfort as well as recharge the positivity in a person hence suitable for a stressful day.

During physical movement and the focus required in yoga, endorphins are released which causes natural highs to replace the artificial hire that are caused by drug abuse in order to help the addict deal with addiction. When one practices yoga, they are able to shift their perspective, connect with the community and release stress.

In conclusion, different spiritual practices will help you attain sobriety by guiding you through the recovery process and providing the encouragement that you may need to keep up with building your life skills. Spirituality may not be effective to all individuals hence Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is advised to those still facing the struggles. QHHT helps the addict to overcome their current struggles so that they can be able to achieve their goals.

By lexutor

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