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Are You Ready To Become a Horse Owner?

By lexutor Jun11,2019

Whether you are a rider with years of experience or simply someone who enjoys the idea of an equine pet, owning a horse comes with a lot of responsibilities. Before you start your search, it may be worth taking the time to determine if you are ready for all the aspects of horse ownership. Here are some of the most important things to consider before purchasing your own horse.

1. Insurance

Health insurance for horses is an important investment that may provide many benefits. There are different plans and policies available. Some insurance plans cover emergency vet care or surgery whereas others are designed to reimburse the cost of your horse if it dies. You may want to compare several different plans before choosing one.

2. Boarding

Do you have the facilities necessary to keep your horse on your own land? Are you planning to board your horse at a commercial stable? Housing and care arrangements are important to have in place before you actually sign the ownership papers. Boarding arrangements can vary between stables, so make sure you understand all the details of feeding, pasturing, shoeing, and riding at the location you choose.

3. Training

If you plan to ride your horse for pleasure or in competitions, you will probably want a trainer. There may be trainers where you board your horse, or you may want to find someone who will come to your home if that’s where your horse lives. In either case, make sure there is access to adequate arena space and other necessary equipment, such as jumps or a round pen.

Having your own horse can be an enjoyable experience that allows you to develop a relationship with the animal and improve your riding skills. However, taking care of a horse requires a significant investment of time and money, so it is important to be prepared. Take the time to research boarding stables, trainers, and insurance providers so you have everything in place before you buy your horse.

By lexutor

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