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Busting the Three Myths Keeping You From the Dentist

By lexutor Apr 8, 2019

It is easy to go to the dentist for regular check-ups when you are a kid. Your parents insist on it, and you get little say in the matter. As a result, you have pearly white teeth that never hurt. Unfortunately, as adults, many of us come up with excuses for not going, even when we are in pain.

It Costs too Much

It is true that a trip to the dentist can be costly, especially if you need extensive work done, but there are ways to minimize the effect on your wallet. There are many companies offering dental plans that will greatly reduce the cost of dental work. For an annual fee, you will be given a discount on cleanings, fillings, and other routine care.

They Will Fill My Teeth When They Don’t Need It

Dentists are regulated the same way as any medical doctor is. They cannot simply make up work to be done on your teeth. They don’t want to face a malpractice suit any more than your family doctor does. They will only recommend services that they feel are necessary, and many dentists offer you a variety of treatment options. You can always choose to skip a procedure if you feel that strongly opposed to it.

It’s Going to Hurt

Many of the fears adults have about pain while at the dentist come from distorted childhood memories. Often times, an adult will need a filling and find out that it isn’t as bad as they remembered. Look for a dentist with an oral conscious sedation certification if you are doubtful. This allows them to use sedation to calm your anxiety.

Now that you know the dentist isn’t going to overcharge, do unnecessary work, or cause you even more pain, there is no reason not to go. Schedule a routine check-up with a dentist in your area so that you can finally have that beautiful, pain-free smile you have been dreaming of.

By lexutor

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