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Cool Ways To Achieve a Higher Consciousness

By lexutor Jul28,2020

Most people exist in a world of tasks and duties and rarely if ever reach for the higher realms of human consciousness. That does not mean these realms do not exist. With a different focus, people can tap into different layers and areas of the mind. This could have many benefits such as enabling a person to get out of self-defeating patterns or the clear the mind of tension and worry. A whole new world awaits those who are willing to open their minds.

Access the Akashic Records

This technique often uses the services of an experienced spiritual healer who can guide people into new directions using ancient powers and wisdom. This approach uses readings from sacred texts, Chakra toning, energy clearing, pendulum dowsing Temecula and home and office clearings. The dowsing is a form of interacting with hidden powers to get a yes or no answer on an important question in a person’s life. It’s a way to consult with a universal intelligence to receive clarity on important matters.

Enjoy the Feeling of Meditation

According to Forbes, a regular practice of meditation can actually change a person’s brain in positive ways. For the elderly, it can play a role in preserving the brain and result in better functioning. It can also help a person become less self-absorbed, allowing them to focus on things besides their worries and fears. It can also be an effective alternative to antidepressants and other medications used for treating anxiety and depression.

Delve Into a Good Book

Reading a good book is also a way to bring a person into a relaxed state of mind. This ancient activity also diverts a person’s attention away from the problems of the world. Plus, depending upon what a person is reading, a good book can impart all manner of information and wisdom.

By lexutor

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