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Finest Oranges for Juicing

We’ve all had our share of antioxidant-rich fruit juice from a carton, but nothing beats the flavor explosion of fresh-squeezed fruit juice. Freshly squeezed fruit juice is one among the good thirst quenchers of our time, but it can wreak havoc on your wallet. Freshly squeezed juice comes at a high price at a restaurant or store, but an equivalent juice can easily be homemade with the proper oranges and citrus juicer. As juicing has become more popular, the citrus juicer has made their way into the market allowing newbies to experience the advantages of juicing. Making your fruit juice is inexpensive and straightforward.

When it involves juicing, not all oranges are created equal. Excellent fruit juice depends on the sort of juice you wish. Some oranges provide a tangy sour flavor, while others are sweeter. Some juice connoisseurs wish to mix oranges for a singular flavor et al. prefer a straight blend of their favorite juicing orange. Some, just like the elusive bergamot, are too bitter for juicing, and therefore the sweetness and flavor factors vary among species. It is often hard to settle on, so we’ve gathered our top juicing varieties below and rated them consistent with juicing quality to assist you to opt which orange to plunge into your citrus juicer.


Navel oranges are the world’s popular orange variety. They’re easy to peel, readily accessible, and excellent for eating. But Navel oranges are picked a mean of two months after the peak in LARL content, which may spell bitterness if you are trying to form a juice batch to store within the fridge. Sweet orange juice is best if you drink it immediately.

Valencia Oranges

Known as the queen orange of Florida, Valencia oranges are one among the foremost popular and documented juicing oranges. This particular orange has avid juicers rushing to shop for them once they are in the season due to their perfect combination of tarty and sweet juice. If you’re on the brink of Florida these are often found moderately priced, but others should expect to pay higher prices for these gems thanks to their short season and high shipping costs.


These smaller sorts of Mandarin oranges are great for snacking, but they also make a pleasing juice with a rather different flavor profile. Thanks to their size, however, you’ll need a citrus juicer to juice a good number of them to urge any amount worth storing within the fridge.

Blood Oranges

If you wish juice with a bite, consider adding some blood oranges to your juicing experience. These appear as if a typical small orange from the surface, but opening them reveals a stunning crimson flesh. Not only will this add wonderful color and flavor to your juice, but they need a better antioxidant content than traditional oranges. Use carefully unless you wish super tarty fresh-squeezed fruit juice


This Japanese variety is notably easy to peel, sweet, and seedless, and features a light, refreshing flavor. They’re great for juicing, but since they’re on the smaller side (bigger than a clementine but smaller than a tangelo), you’ll get to pay more to urge an honest juice batch. They also tend to be costlier.

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