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Hope to Cope with Surgery Anxiety

By lexutor Jun 1, 2017

Many people all over the world face anxiety when it comes to knowing that they have to face it. No one wants to have surgery if they do not have to. Surgery is always a big risk because the outcome is never guaranteed. It is never guaranteed that you will even wake up from surgery. In fact, according to, a new study shows that in the United States, 1.14 percent of patients who go in to the hospital never leave the hospital. Medical technology has advanced over the years to help decrease the amount of deaths that occur during surgery, but there is still that small percent of unfortunate people. There will always be concerns when it comes to having surgery, but it is important to think positive and be hopeful. Coping with surgery anxiety requires clear communication with the medical staff and family and friends support.

According to, there are many ways you can cope with surgery anxiety. Some of these ways include, asking questions, clear communication with medical staff, music, release emotions you are feeling, dress comfortably, find support from family and friends, and taking your time with recovery. Many people have different feelings and may find that some things work for them better than what works for others. It is important to find what works best for yourself. It is important that you talk to the medical staff with asking all the questions you have. When you are able to be completely aware of everything going on and what to expect, you are more likely to feel at ease. When you are left out of the loop, and you don’t know what is going to happen, you are more likely to experience anxiety because you are experiencing the unknown. The unknown is the recipe for anxiety with anyone and any situation.

Making sure that you do more research on the surgery and the clinic that you are having surgery at. Sometimes it helps to contact other surgery centers to find out more about their procedure and their doctors. Sometimes you can also take a tour of the surgery centers in advance, so you know what to expect and you can be more familiar with the scenery. When you are familiar with a location, you are more likely to feel at ease because you already know what to expect. Try searching the web for: surgical procedures Franklin TN. This should give you a list of different surgery centers willing to answer your questions. You can also see if they are willing to have someone give you a tour of the place and the recovery rooms. Sometimes seeing where you will be recovering and spending most of your time can help you calm your anxiety as well.

Overall, surgery is never a fun experience for anyone. Surgery is also never guaranteed, so you want to make sure you take time to think about the best place you want to have your surgery done with the best and qualified doctors. Also make sure you have a strong support system at home to help you get through the whole process from beginning to end.

By lexutor

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