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How To Grow Taller During Puberty – Boosting Your Human Growth Hormone

By lexutor May2,2022

How To Grow Taller During Puberty – Boosting Your Human Growth Hormone How to grow taller during puberty is a question that is asked a lot. Puberty is a time where our bodies start to develop with one of the most important things being our height. Everyone grows during puberty no matter who but unfortunately some of us don’t achieve much on the height scale like everybody else. However it is possible to boost your HGH (human growth hormone) to grow taller during puberty. No matter what anyone says it is possible to give yourself an even bigger height boost if you are going through puberty and below are a few of the methods that you can use to help boost your growth whilst you still can. Sleeping Sleeping is a very important factor when it comes to increasing your height. During sleep your body repairs itself by releasing HGH and other hormones and nutrients around the body. For this reason you want to make sure that you get a good night sleep (8 hours) so that your body can produce the optimal amount of growth hormones. You can also help your height by your sleeping posture. You don’t want to curl up into a little ball but instead you want to lie down straight with your head slightly raised up. This posture allows the cartilage to stretch out after a long day of having stress on them which in time will help increase your height. If you have the money to you can also change your mattress to one that is better for your spine. You want to buy one that isn’t too soft (this causes your spine to sink down too far) or too hard (causes back problems) instead you want a firm mattress that will keep your posture straight but at the same time will absorb the stress from your spine. Diet Your body won’t be able to grow properly if it doesn’t have the correct nutrients to do it with. You want to be eating foods in a balanced diet which will increase your HGH release and also those that will help your bones and muscles strengthen such as… Protein Water Milk Magnesium Exercise A good way to produce a lot of HGH is through exercise. Exercise is a great way to grow taller during puberty and also after. Exercises such as sprinting, jump rope, kicking are all great examples of exercises that will help you grow taller because they increase your HGH output and they also create micro-fractures in your legs which when repaired get bigger and stronger which in turn make you taller!

By lexutor

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