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The Intrathecal Pump for Chronic Pain

When you are looking for proper pain management Shawnee KS, there are many things to consider. There are several things to consider and different options to help manage your pain in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. One of these options is the intrathecal pain pump catheter infusion that has many benefits compared to more traditional treatments.

An intrathecal pump is installed through a surgical procedure and is maintained in your doctor’s office. While many people may be uncomfortable with the idea of surgery to maintain their pain, the intrathecal pump can have considerable benefits to your lifestyle if you are living in chronic pain. It’s a targeted drug delivery system that allows the patient to not be reliant on oral medications. The medication is delivered directly into the area around the spinal cord known as the intrathecal space. This direct delivery system prevents the pain signals from being received as strongly by the brain.

While in many cases the medication being delivered is still an opiate such as morphine, the direct delivery method allows for a smaller dose to be used while still being extremely effective. This results in the patient experiencing fewer side effects than they would with oral pain medications. Some of these side effects can include drowsiness, nausea, and constipation. When choosing your pain options, there will be a trial performed to see if your pain is reasonably managed before a permanent pump is installed surgically.
This trial usually only lasts about a week or less before the final decision is made about whether this method will be effective for you and your pain.

There are some risks involved with this procedure that need to be considered before making the decision to install an intrathecal pain pump. These can include minor problems like irritation at the implant site to more serious problems such as infection. All these risks can be minimized by choosing the proper team to oversee your pain management and communicating with your doctor.

The installation of an intrathecal pain pump is an outpatient procedure that usually requires very little recovery time. While it is a surgical procedure, the therapy is completely reversible and can be removed from your body whenever you or your doctor decide to. The system is also flexible with a dosage that can be controlled by you as determined by your doctor depending on the severity of your pain. The dosage can be set up to be changed in case of breakthrough pain that is not being managed by the maintenance dose of medication.

Intrathecal pain pumps need to be maintained in your doctor’s office for refills, repairs, and replacements. The procedure of refilling the medication reservoir is relatively simple and painless and can be performed in minutes. The frequency of refills will vary depending on the type of medication being delivered and the dosage. The time between refills can be weeks or even months in between.

The intrathecal pain pump can be a great option for those in chronic pain. There are many benefits and risks to be considered before making your pain management decision. Talk to a pain management specialist if you think it may be a good option for you or a loved one who suffers from chronic pain.

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