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Skincare Experts Not Needed Any More – Here’s Why

Skincare Experts Not Needed Any More – Here’s Why It’s unbelievable how difficult it can be to have a healthy, beautiful skin that can stand the tests of time. No matter which brand name skin creams you use or which skincare experts you follow, chances are, your skin would still remain the old, dull, lifeless one despite all your efforts! The reason for this is simple. Most common skin treatments and products just work on the outer symptoms of the problem; they are just not capable of improving the skin from the inside and making it strong and healthy from within – which is actually what’s needed for a lasting beauty and radiance. Most skincare experts would give you the same advice about protecting your skin from the elements by using sunscreens and hats, eating a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, and keeping your skin clean so that the pores do not get blocked. Don’t get me wrong, this is very sound advice, but it’s just the starting point. Once you have this covered, then it’s time to move to the next stage of skincare. Nourishing your skin naturallyThis is the part that’s missing in most common skin creams and lotions. There are many detrimental reactions going on inside your body that damage the skin and actually keep on increasing with age. For example, the production of Collagen and Elastin inside the body decreases with time. A reduction in the amounts of these proteins causes the skin to become loose and wrinkly. The UV rays of the sun increase the amount of melanin in the skin and causes dark spots to appear, which we know as age spots. Free radicals damage the skin cells and make it look dull and lifeless. You need the help of natural substances like Phytessence Wakame to tackle these problems. Wakame is a sea kelp from Japan that fights off the UV rays of the sun and prevents them from harming your skin. It also nourishes the skin with plenty of vitamins and minerals and makes it strong from inside. Xtend-TK™ is a wool extract that enhances the production of Collagen and Elastin internally. This helps in making your skin smooth, firm and wrinkle free naturally. Manuka Honey is a highly effective moisturizer and anti oxidant as well. It makes the skin soft and supple and also protects it from the free radicals found in environmental pollution. So there you have it. Once you start using these powerful ingredients and see their effect on your skin, you wouldn’t need to look towards any skincare experts anymore. It’s time to take the reins in your own hands now!

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