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The Latest trend in Plastic Surgery

By lexutor Aug28,2022

The taboo surrounding plastic surgery is slowly being lifted. The likes of Cardi B, Kaley Cuoco, and Jana Kramer have spoken out about their surgeries, and COVID-fueled video conferencing has made plastic surgery “Zoom boom” a reality. The COVID-fueled plastic surgery “Zoom boom” started when people realized real-time video cannot be Facetuned. As a result, it is now more acceptable than ever for people to be public about their surgeries.

Video conferencing

To better understand this new trend, we must look at why it might be useful for plastic surgeons. First, patients who engage in high-volume video conferencing may need further evaluation. In this situation, office personnel and surgeons must key into the patient’s body image and symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder. Second, video conferencing can exacerbate mirror gazing behavior. Therefore, discussing the desired changes with the patient is critical before the procedure is performed.

Another reason why video conferencing could be an excellent trend for plastic surgeons because it creates an unnatural viewpoint of one’s face. It may exacerbate an individual’s concerns about their face, leading to cosmetic procedures. The rise of video conferencing and COVID-19 infections may have contributed to the increase in plastic surgeries. These trends could be a boon to the industry. However, they also pose some potential risks.

Nonsurgical procedures

Aesthetic plastic surgery near me is booming, with 17.7 million procedures performed in 2018. Compared to the same year last year, however, nearly 89 percent of these procedures do not involve surgery. More than fifteen million of these procedures are nonsurgical and have experienced a 228% increase since 2000. The most common cosmetic procedures include eyelid surgery, liposuction, and breast augmentation.

Nonsurgical treatments can correct various concerns, including unwanted fat and skin in various areas. They can include dermabrasion, facial peels, and injectable fillers. As a result, nonsurgical procedures are becoming increasingly popular with fewer risks and less recovery time. And because nonsurgical procedures are minimally invasive, patients don’t experience any pain or downtime. Moreover, nonsurgical procedures do not require muscles or skin removal.

Body contouring

Various types of cosmetic procedures can improve the appearance of the body. Some can reduce excess skin, uneven body contours, tummy bulges, and other undesirable features. Body contouring surgeries can correct these issues without undergoing any major surgery. In addition, this surgery can be performed safely and conveniently, and there is little disruption to normal activities afterward. As a result, it is one of the fastest-growing trends in cosmetic surgery.


Rhinoplasty has become one of the most popular procedures for facial enhancement. While rhinoplasty is one of the oldest cosmetic surgeries, it has changed over the years. From cookie-cutter noses to button noses, the aesthetics of this procedure have changed dramatically. Patients no longer want to emulate their favorite celebrities or a certain rhinoplasty trend. Now, ethnic patients seek to maintain their cultural identity while men want to retain their rugged masculinity. Likewise, a woman can be more comfortable with a unique look, as a rhinoplasty can make a patient more comfortable with her appearance.

Injections of filler into the nose may be a safer option than in other areas of the face, but it is also riskier. If injected into an artery or the skin, it can cause a dangerous condition called necrosis. The procedure may even lead to blindness. Therefore, patients should choose a qualified surgeon with ample experience performing liquid rhinoplasty. Many cosmetic surgeons have gained extensive training in the technique and have patient testimonials that they can share.

Tummy tuck

As the number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery increases, so do the procedures. For example, tummy tucks are 104 percent more common than just 15 years ago, and breast augmentations have increased by 30 percent since 2000. While these procedures were once reserved for women, men now seek them for various reasons, including a boost in self-esteem and career potential.

Tummy tuck surgery reshapes the abdomen. It can be combined with liposculpture to contour the waistline. Patients should expect an upside-down T-shaped scar on their abdomen. There will be some excess skin, but it will be relatively small compared to the size of the rest of the body. It is not cheap, and insurance coverage is unlikely to cover it. But it can dramatically improve your self-esteem and be a very effective way to correct your body image issues.


By lexutor

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