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Tips For Buying Bakery Display Cases

By lexutor Jul22,2022

When buying bakery display cases, consider a few factors. Besides style and size, you should also consider the price and cleanliness. Listed below are some tips to help you make the right decision. Read on to learn more. You will be happy you did! Buying bakery display cases should be fun, but consider these factors before making a final decision. A bakery display case is an essential part of your business if you want a beautiful, well-organized shop that will attract many customers.


Depending on the size of your shop, you may need one or several bakery display cases to showcase your products. These display cases come with shelves or multiple racks to accommodate all of your products. They also allow you to showcase your products without too much room. A bakery display case can increase your sales because customers are more likely to buy a particular product when they see it on display. 

Depending on the size of your business, you may need a single large or several small bakery display cases. One type is made from stainless steel and features a push-button temperature control system. In addition, the stainless steel makes it odor and stain-resistant. A quieter model may be a better option if you’re planning to use the bakery display case for a food preparation area. It will not distract customers and will fit in a small space without a hassle.


The two main bakery display cases are curved and straight acrylic glass. Curved glass is more famous for salad bars and fast-moving items like cakes. It is easy to clean and tilts up and outwards so customers can lean in to admire products. Curved glass displays are also ideal for displaying items in the back. Depending on your needs and budget, you can also choose between the two styles. If you’re unsure which one to choose, here are some tips to help you find the best bakery display case for your business.

The Euro Style Curved Front Bakery Display Case is made of BPA-free acrylic and comes with a 15-1/2-inch, twelve-inch footprint. Its sleek, streamlined appearance makes it ideal for displaying confectionery and prepared foods. Its double-glazed safety glass and piston-controlled soft closing ensure that products remain fresh and tasty. In addition, the curved glass front showcases the products in the best possible light and provides a better view for the customers.


Wholesale bakery display cases vary significantly in price. The cost of a bakery display case can range from eight to eighteen hundred and forty-five dollars. Some bakery display cases are refrigerated, making them an ideal option for businesses that do not want to use air-conditioning. Other models have a large showcasing area but are less expensive. Curved glass bakery display counters maximize visibility from above. Chef’s Deal is a leading restaurant supply store that is an authorized dealer of high-quality commercial kitchen equipment vendors. The store carries a wide selection of refrigerated bakery display cases from companies like Kool-it, MarcRefrig, Omcan USA, and Turbo Air.

A countertop bakery display cooler is an ideal space-saving solution, while a revolving display refrigerator allows you to stack cakes vertically. Refrigerated bakery display cases are also available in dry and non-refrigerated varieties. These refrigerated models enable customers to grab items quickly, while non-refrigerated ones feature crystal clear front glass. Coldine is a leading brand of refrigerated bakery display cases.


The cleanliness of your bakery display cases is crucial to the presentation of your pastries. A stale pastry will not look as pleasant as one squeaky clean. Also, you should remove excess crumbs and grease from the surface of baked goods. To clean your display cases, use fresh tissue or wax paper under each baked good. You should also clean any dirt or stains from the condenser coil if any so that it will last longer. The surface of the glass should also be free from fingerprints or pests.

To avoid these sneeze hazards, clean your display cases regularly. Use appropriate cleaning products to clean your display cases and the shelves, and don’t forget the equipment. A clean display case also ensures better hygiene and draws more customers. You can get countertop bakery display cases for your countertop. In addition, these models come with sneeze guard shields. You can find many options in the market.

By lexutor

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