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Tips for Managing Arthritis in Your 40s

By lexutor Mar31,2022

Degenerative orthopedic wear is not a condition that afflicts only seniors. It is very common for people in their forties and even thirties to experience continual discomfort from arthritic joint pain. If you’re experiencing arthritic pain earlier in life than you would have anticipated, you may be understandably frustrated. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to mitigate the severity of symptoms and minimize the effect that this condition has on your life. Here are some useful strategies for coping with arthritis in your 40s.

Seek Out Medical Treatment

While arthritis is often thought of as simply an age-related fact of life, the truth is that you don’t simply have to accept living in pain. You should feel a little stiffer as you get older, but you shouldn’t experience chronic pain and inflammation. Find a pain management specialist with experience treating your condition. If you are looking for arthritis treatment Orange Park FL, make an appointment with a provider who offers more than one type of treatment option.

Avoid Foods That Worsen Inflammation

Some staples in your diet can have a surprisingly big effect on joint inflammation. Studies have shown a strong correlation between industrial seed oils and inflammation levels. The inflammatory effect on joints produced by these common ingredients in processed foods is also manifested in your body’s inflammatory responses to illness. In addition to avoiding seed oils, try to limit your consumption of red meat.

Stay Active

If you stop getting enough exercise, the joints where you stiffen up from arthritis will become even more rigid and inflexible. Resultantly, they’ll be more prone to inflammation. Staying active and maintaining mobility will help you optimize joint function. Make it a point to structure time into your schedule for low-impact exercise.

When you can get through every day with less pain, your overall health could improve significantly. Addressing arthritic pain can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and improve mental health.

By lexutor

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