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Treating Migraine Pain

By lexutor Jul15,2019

When it comes to headaches, they are simply a pain. From time to time, most people get a headache, whether it is from tension building up, dehydration, lack of sleep, a change in barometric pressure, hormones, or stress. No matter the cause, the pain can sometimes take over your life and keep you from doing activities you enjoy or that life demands of you. These types of headaches are often migraines, intense pain on one side of the head or a pulsating pain. If you suffer from one or more of these a month, life can get complicated.

Lifestyle Impact

Migraines are often headaches that impact your life. With the pain often lasting several hours, migraine sufferers may need to miss work or school. They may even miss out on enjoyable activities such as a night out, sports practice or game, or just quality time with family and friends. Often those with frequent migraines feel like they cannot plan activities ahead because they do not know when another migraine will strike. For those who suffer, migraine treatment Jacksonville FL may be needed.

Pain-Relief Medications

One treatment is using pain-relief medications. These can range from ibuprofen to prescription medications, such as triptans and dihydroergotamines. While these can be effective, especially if taken at the first sign of pain, pay attention to the side effects and warnings associated with them.

Preventative Medications

Another form of treatment is medications that help prevent frequent migraines. These include blood-pressure lowering medications and antidepressants, and are usually used if other treatments are not working.

Alternative Treatments

Lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise, relaxation techniques, and avoiding certain foods, can prevent migraines. Some people also try alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, herbs, or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Migraines do not have to overtake your life. If you have migraines, consider going to your doctor and finding the right treatment for you.

By lexutor

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