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Unhappy With Your Height? How You Can Change This!

By lexutor Nov6,2019

Unhappy With Your Height? How You Can Change This! It may feel like it but you are not the only person who is unhappy with their height. There are millions of people in this world who don’t like their height and shout to the stars “How do I get taller?!” Many of these people feel that they are doomed to be short for the rest of their life. However, there are things you can do to make yourself taller regarding your age but there are methods for everyone that can make you taller and feel happy with your height. If you are young and going through puberty (this period ranges from 16-25 and can vary the start and stop time) you are already growing but you can boost this by eating well to provide your body with the fuels and nutrients (foods rich in protein, calcium, amino acids and essential nutrients) and also by exercising and sleep to help produce human growth hormone (HGH) release which can enhance the process of growth through puberty. By eating, sleeping and exercising right you can increase the release of HGH and also you can strengthen your bones which will help them grow too. Exercising will also make you look better too! If you are past the puberty age and your body has stopped growing there is nothing you can do to lengthen the bones but there are plenty of options you can use! What you wear for one is something you can alter to make you look taller. Wear solid colours instead of dark coloured top and light coloured pants (and vice versa) makes your waistline more noticeable making you look smaller. Posture is a good tip as well seeing as everyone has a bad posture and by straightening the spine with stretches you can make yourself that little bit taller and at the same time prevent injuries such as back pain and other complications from bad posture.

By lexutor

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