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What Can I Do At 18 To Prevent Premature Aging?

By lexutor Sep 11, 2020

What Can I Do At 18 To Prevent Premature Aging? For a lot of people, 18 seems to be too young to be thinking about aging. But with exposure to environmental factors becoming very rampant and inevitable, 18 is just about the right age to start taking means to delay premature aging. There are plenty of things you can do at this age without you having to worry about losing some fun. For a start, have a good skin care regimen. Highly recommended for active and vibrant teenagers like you is the use of sunscreen. Sun protection creams which may not necessarily come with anti-aging properties, shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun which according to studies speed up the development of some aging signs such as dark spots, uneven skin tone, dry skin and fine lines. It will be a good idea to choose sunscreen lotions that are made of organic ingredients. You may not be aware of it but some chemical ingredients in beauty products actually cause the early development of aging signs, so to be on the safe side, use organic products. A good skin care regimen also involves washing the face with a mild cleanser two times every day. Lots of teenagers tend to take this for granted, which is a mistake, because the need for good hygienic practices becomes more urgent at this time with the active lifestyle of the young adults and growth spurts coming into play. A mild cleanser works well for most skin types. Next, you may now consider making wiser choices when it comes to food. As a teenager, your food cravings may be naturally geared to all things sweet, spicy, or salty, which often are artificially flavored and without nutritional value. If you want to delay aging, though, you will need to get these off your system and choose instead options that are healthier not just for the skin but for the entire body. Foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants make the best choices in this case. Fiber boosts metabolism and helps with digestion, so toxins that get inside the body may be effectively removed. These toxins are, in a big way, responsible in the speeding up of the aging process. Vitamins and minerals, of course, provide the essential nutrients to the body, enabling it to fight infections and stress that also accelerate aging. Antioxidants, meanwhile, help fight the free radicals that the body has to face each day. These nutrients are largely found in raw vegetables and fruits. Well, getting yourself to eat vegetables and fruits can be quite difficult, especially if you have been feeding on junk foods for a long time. But it is a challenge you must face if you don’t want to have crow’s feet before you are 30 years old! Having a healthier lifestyle is very important in delaying the development of aging signs and symptoms. Exercise, drink lots of water, and a lot of sleep. Avoidance of smoking is a must, too, so is drinking alcoholic beverages. Besides being bad to your health, smoking and alcohol do not do any good thing to your blood circulation. When you don’t have a healthy blood circulation, the cells that make up your body are not very well nourished and that make them more vulnerable to stress and infections. Don’t deprive of your sleep. Avoid late nights as much as possible as these can weaken your immune system, dry your skin and make you more prone to skin infections. Doing all these things does not mean taking the fun out. If your friends think it is, wait till they are 35 years old and then see who will have the last laugh this time!

By lexutor

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