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What Every Skincare Collection Should Contain to Protect Your Skin’s Health and Keep it Youthful

By lexutor Aug12,2021

What Every Skincare Collection Should Contain to Protect Your Skin’s Health and Keep it Youthful Let’s face it, with so much to choose from these days it can be hard to know exactly what creams and body lotions to have in your skincare collection. There are some important factors you should know about, like which creams to avoid and which to use, in order to have healthy skin. Look at your current skincare collection and you will see mineral oil (paraffin wax, petrolatum), parabens (methyl, propyl) and fragrances which could be any number of thousands of chemicals and also dioxane, known to the state of California to cause cancer. Parabens are widely used as a preservative as they are cheap and plentiful instead of natural vitamin E for example which is harder to source and more expensive to use. You should try to avoid any fragrances as these are generally harmful and it is better to use a proper perfume spray as far less is absorbed into your skin as it evaporates quickly. Mineral oil is perhaps the worst offender. It coats your skin and prevents the elimination of toxins while it strips away your natural oils, leaving it more dry and vulnerable to infection. Let’s look now at what you should embrace in your skincare collection. A synergistic blend of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids, honey and natural oils is a good starting point along with the absence of any bad chemicals. These combine to help your skin stay younger, softer and smoother. They work with your body and not against it to compliment every natural aspect and restore your youthful glow. The delivery of essential nutrients helps to increase your natural collagen levels and raise your hyaluronic ones too. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are lost as you grow older and are essential for keeping the elasticity and firmness of your skin. Restoring these helps to fade any fine lines and wrinkles and prevents your skin from becoming thinner and drier (which also happens with age). Powerful antioxidants are also great and very necessary to quash free radicals that damage healthy cells. The amount of these radicals significantly increases as you age making it vital to have them in your skin creams and lotions to get right to where they are needed. Ingredients like honey and natural oils are important as there are natural healers and contain antioxidants, antibacterial and anti – inflammatory qualities that not only help your skin but your overall health as well. Look for these ingredients to add to your skin care collection and help to roll back the years, leaving it softer and smoother than before. To discover potent natural substances that help to keep your skin radiant and healthy, visit my website below.

By lexutor

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