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What Every Woman Should Know Before Buying Immuderm

By lexutor Jun 13, 2019

What Every Woman Should Know Before Buying Immuderm With so many anti aging products all competing for your attention it can be difficult sometimes to know which one is right for you. Since skin is such a sensitive organ and people come in so many different shapes and sizes what worked for someone else might not work for you. The makers of an anti aging product out of Norway called Immuderm claim to be different from the rest of the skincare market by making a unique promise. They say that their active ingredient is good for all skin types and that their product will not only make your skin look younger but will make your skin act younger as well. So what does it mean to make your skin “act younger”? The creators of Immuderm say that their active ingredient, Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, can help rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells. Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan is classically known as an immune system enhancer and typically comes in the form of an ingestible pill. But the parent company of Immuderm, called Biotec Pharmacon, claims they have found a way to solubize it so that it may be applied topically. A little detective work reveals that the topical benefits of beta Glucan are largely unknown but Biotec Pharmacon makes a convincing case. They say that Beta Glucan can improve the resilience of your skin cells which, in turn, helps them heal and look younger in appearance. Something to note about Immuderm is that they employ a savvy direct mailing strategy as part of their marketing campaign. To generate buzz and word of mouth awareness Immuderm mails out personally addressed envelopes that contain a newspaper article. The subject of the article is about how effective Immuderm is as a wrinkle fighter and scribbled at the top of the clipping is a handwritten note that says “Get this, it works – J”. Upon receiving the letter, many people believe that a friend, whose name begins with J, is recommending Immuderm to them. A number to call and buy Immuderm for just under $90 is also included. So what are customers saying about Immuderm? There are many first person reviews reviews out there and feedback ranges from very satisfied to unimpressed. There also seemed to be a little debate as to the best way to use Immuderm. Some people claimed it is best for age spots and not for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles whereas others said worked best as an anti rashes & eczema cure. It appears that the benefits of Beta Glucan are diverse and can indeed treat a range of skin related conditions.

By lexutor

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