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What Will Help Me Sleep? Five Foods That Make You Sleepy

What Will Help Me Sleep? Five Foods That Make You Sleepy If you’re having difficulty sleeping, your biggest question is, “What will help me sleep?” You may not know that there are quite a few foods that make you sleepy. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the best home remedies for sleeplessness was sitting on your kitchen counter right now? The idea is to boost the levels of serotonin in your body. This substance regulates your moods, and also helps you feel sleepy. Your body makes serotonin from tryptophan, an amino acid found in proteins. You also need to eat some carbs, too. Here’s why. Eating carbs raises the level of insulin in your system. Insulin causes your body to store glucose and amino acids for use later on. The only amino acid that glucose doesn’t put into storage is tryptothan. So, about an hour before bedtime, you should eat a light snack that’s low in protein and that contains a few carbs as well. Here are five foods that fit the bill perfectly. 1. Hummus Hummus is made from chickpeas, which contain both protein and carbs. This yummy snack comes in a multitude of flavors, and is readily available at any grocery store. It’s very easy to make yourself, too. So be sure to keep some on hand. 2. A Glass Of Warm Milk This old standby is loaded with tryptothan. However, warm milk just doesn’t cut it for a lot of people. What else would work? Try a cup of yogurt instead. Flavored yogurt can be loaded with sugar, so try eating it unflavored, or look for a low-sugar variety to keep the calorie count down. 3. Oatmeal With Milk And Almonds Oatmeal’s not just for breakfast anymore. Oats and milk make a great combination of carbs and protein. Almonds contain tryptothan and magnesium, which can help to relax your muscles. Or slice a banana over your oatmeal. Bananas are loaded with tryptophan, melatonin, serotonin, and magnesium, which is just the ticket for anyone who’s having difficulty sleeping. 4. Turkey Turkey is just bursting with tryptothan, but did you know that chicken works just as well? Try half a turkey or chicken sandwich, and you’ll likely be sawing logs before you know it. 5. Tart Cherries Bet you didn’t know these delicious little morsels are chock-full of the goodness of melatonin. This hormone is essential for regulating your circadian rhythm, which is your internal clock that tells you when to go to sleep. Make sure you get tart cherries, not the sweet Bings. Load up with some of these foods that make you sleepy the next time you go shopping, and the chances are that you won’t be asking “what will help me sleep” anymore.

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