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Why You Need Your Sleep!

By lexutor Jan 19, 2020

Why You Need Your Sleep! Our bodies are amazing, they are fascinating! When we study the body it is rather a shock to realize just how hard our body works, and the pressure we put on the body is unforgivable really, we make it work twice as hard as it should and then we deprive it of sleep! We live in strange times really, we seem to have forgotten about the nature of the human body and what it needs. We almost have got to the point of feeling guilty if we don’t just stretch that extra mile and do a bit more – rather than giving our body the rest it deserves! Just think for a moment – what would we live like if we were left to nature? Well we are basically animals at the end of the day, and if we were left to our own devices we would be in tune with our body and with nature. Nature would be our clock – and if our body said sleep we would sleep! We would sleep more during the winter months because our bodies work overtime to keep us warm, just like any other animal. We are all different too, and some of us have low times in the afternoon and others maybe take longer to come around in the morning. If we got to know our bodies better, and worked with them instead of against them, our days would be far more productive! Now our society will not allow that, (yet) OK but we must try to bend a little for the sake of our health. The body is much smarter than us and it knows when it has had enough. So next time that you are still trying to see the words on your computer through the moist tired eyes, remember it is your body giving you a signal, telling you it is time to stop! You know we rush around all day, and barely have time to think, then we fill our bodies with rubbish foods and expect our digestive system to work twice as hard- again – to deal with it, and then we wonder why we are tired and irritable? If we are going to push our bodies that hard – then the least we can do is respect it by feeding it decent fuel! While we sleep our body still has to work hard to eliminate toxins and poisons from our organs, we need to respect our body more and listen to it, when it says rest, do yourself and your health a favour and rest, you may only need a power nap – but take it. When we deprive our body of sleep for one night we get cranky and clumsy, do it the following night and we start to have all sorts of problems with focus and have trouble doing just about anything, the brain simply cannot cope with lack of sleep. Keep this deprivation up and you will eventually start hallucinating! If we carry on with this disrespect, the body will fight back and become sick so that you have to stop! What good are you for anything now!

By lexutor

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