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Why You Should Strive to Be a Mix of Introvert and Extrovert

By lexutor Dec18,2018

In laymen terms, an introvert is someone that keeps to themselves—shy, guarded, and preferential to being alone. Whereas, an extrovert is the exact opposite—the social butterfly, the risk taker, and the party planner. But introverted and extroverted are two sides of a sliding scale—one of which you should strive to master with a good balance of both.

This article shows you what it means to be a balanced blend of introvert and extrovert with terminology, a brief how-to, and the benefits.

The Meaning of an Ambivert and Why You Should Strive for This Balance

Ambiverts are people that are a mixture of introverted and extroverted. They can be as happy standing in a crowded room as they are sitting alone at home. They are both the social butterfly and the weekend recluse. And that is something you should strive to accomplish yourself. Why? Because ambiverts have good balance when it comes to being both withdrawn at times and up for anything at other times.

Being a Healthy Mixture of Introverted and Extroverted Allows for the Ebbs and Flows of Your Natural Mental State—Sans Guilt

Introverts and extroverts are two sides of the same coin—but a healthy mixture of the two will allow you to find the balance of your natural mental state. This means you go with the flow. If you feel like staying in, you do so without the guilt and pressure of going anywhere. The same can be said for feeling the need to go out and be social. Going with those mental ebbs and flows are good for your overall health.

Ambiverts are Capable of Choosing and Putting Their Best Introverted and Extroverted Traits Forward

Ambiverts have a knack for choosing their best traits and finding the balance in putting those forward. For example, they can make friends at the drop of a hat—just like a true extrovert. But instead of befriending everyone in the room, they pick and choose based on their own criteria—just like a true introvert.

Being well-balanced and comfortable with your introverted and extroverted traits allows you to feel more confidence in your personality, especially after having endured something like hormone replacement therapy for women and men. Finding balance is a great start to feeling in control and happier with your life.

By lexutor

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