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3 Steps To Become A Journal Contributor

By lexutor Mar6,2019

As a professional in any field, you have read countless textbooks and other types of articles that have given you the knowledge necessary to bring you to this point. However, the learning process is not over. There is always something new on the horizon that can help perfect a technique or to make a major breakthrough that has eluded professionals in the field for years. If you are a dentist, you likely read through journals on a regular basis in order to gain new knowledge that will benefit your practice. Now is your chance to become a contributor as well. Here are three steps to do just that.

Add Something New

When you are looking to publish an article in a scholarly publication such as Implant Dentistry Magazine, it is important that you are adding something new to the body of knowledge. If you write about something that everyone already knows about, you are not likely to find much of an audience. You want to write about something that you have personally discovered or identified as a need in your field.

Have a Peer Verify Your Findings

You will also want to have one of your peers to confirm your findings. This is important as other professionals will want to know that it is not just your word they need to believe when reading your article. You want to be peer reviewed in order to add legitimacy to your writing.

Get the Article Ready for Publication

Now it is time to get your article ready for publication. Take a look at the publishing guidelines for the journal that you wish to submit the article to. Follow these guidelines so that you will have the best possible chance of getting your submission accepted on the first attempt.

These three steps will get you on your way to becoming a published contributor. Not only is this a way to further your own career, but it is a way to help others in the field as well. Nobody knows everything there is to know about dentistry. You just never know when your article might provide someone on the other side of the country with the solution they have been looking for to help a patient.

By lexutor

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