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How To Properly Use Protein Powder for Maximum Gain

By lexutor Mar12,2019

Almost everyone who has gotten serious about exercise has looked at supplements, and many people have tried something to improve their performance and have more efficient workouts. On top of muscle development, ingesting protein powder can also help reduce recovery time and curb your appetite. The benefits are clear, but it is important to have a strategy when you are adding new factors to your health.

Look Carefully at Ingredients

Checking the labels is crucial, especially if you have any sensitivities or food allergies such as those associated with celiac disease. While pure whey protein should have minimal additives, make sure you look for clearly labeled gluten free protein powder

How To Properly Use Protein Powder for Maximum Gain

since the manufacturing process can sometimes lead to cross-contamination.

Track Your Usage

Tracking things such as weight, calories, and workout schedules have been shown to directly improve overall fitness. Take this a step further and monitor your supplements to see what gives you the best results. Most protein powders have at least two serving size suggestions, depending on your goals. Experimenting with different amounts while gathering data can help you isolate what works and what doesn’t. There are plenty of fitness apps available that have a supplement tracking feature included.

Timing Is Everything

Once you’ve found the perfect supplement for you, planning the time to take it is also a major factor for seeing results. A great meal supplement can be as simple as a little milk, a banana, and a scoop of gluten free protein powder tossed in the blender along with your breakfast. However, many fitness experts agree that taking supplements closer to the time of your workout can create better results for muscle growth. Look at your goals and your history, and try taking supplements before or after your workout, or a combination of both.

No one battle plan will work for everyone. With these steps, you can dial in your personal, optimal way to use protein powder to see better results.

By lexutor

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