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4 Ways To Get Fuller Hair

By lexutor Jul30,2020

If your hair doesn’t look as full as you’d like, there are easy steps you can take to add volume and bounce to it. Try one or more of these ideas to get the fuller hair you crave.

1. Add Hair Extensions

A fast and easy way to get thicker tresses is to add hair extensions Westchester County NY. Technology has improved this solution so it’s easier to find ones that perfectly match your hair’s color and texture. Options are also available that are more temporary in nature with easy to place sections that can be easily removed when needed.

2. Avoid Hot Tools

If you’re addicted to your flat iron and hairdryer, it’s time to break that habit. Hot styling tools lead to hair damage, so the less you use them, the fuller your hair will be. If you swear there’s no way you can stop, invest in a better hairdryer that doesn’t use as much heat to dry your hair. Promise that you’ll always use a heat protectant spray before any heat styling.

3. Choose the Right Products

Hair products are formulated for use on specific hair types, so choose the right ones for your tresses. If you have fine hair, select a body-building shampoo, conditioner and lightweight mousse to add fullness. Those with coarser hair need to focus on using products that add moisture and tame frizz. If you still don’t have the fuller look you want, use a thickening texture spray to instantly add more volume.

4. Brush Regularly

There’s a reason your grandma brushed her hair 50 times before turning in for the night. Regular brushing distributes your natural oils throughout your hair to increase shine and protect it from damage. Avoid using a plastic one, which causes static, and opt instead for a ceramic or boar-bristle brush.

Try one or more of these tips to help you get the fuller hair you desire.

By lexutor

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