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By lexutor Mar22,2018

The Guidelines to Follow When You Want to Start a Career in Drug Counseling

According to recent research that has been done, they suggest that a large number of people have the problem with alcohol or drug addiction. Because of the many people who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction, there is need for experts who can help them through when they are facing such problems. You might be interested in venturing into the field of drug counseling, but you do not know the guidelines that need to be followed. To start a career in this important field; you have to adhere to the following tips. First of all, you will need to have a complete degree which is accredited from a reputable institution. However, you have to note that particular requirements vary from one country to the other.

According to your state, what might be needed is an associate degree which takes a shorter period to attain compared to a bachelors degree. Although getting a degree takes a longer time to get, it provides you with a better background than that person who went for an associate degree that takes a short time. A bachelors degree is not enough because if you have a masters degree, then you have higher chances of securing a job and quickly. For the masters degree, there are some supervised hours that you have to go through and certain classes such as substance abuse models and counseling theory might be added. In case you want to advance to the next level which is graduate school, then more classes will be added. Securing a loan will help you attend the required classes and finish your course well.

The second tip for you to follow so that you start a career in drug counseling is to work under an experienced person so that you get the knowledge. In any role that needs a licensed drug counselor, you will also require attaining a specific amount of clinical hours which can range between programs and states. The reason, why it is important to work under the supervision of a licensed counselor, is that they will help you link with whatever you got in class. So that you can begin your profession as a drug counselor, you have to agree and go through various background checks such as the education records and driving records.

Before an employer finally employs you, they will have to confirm if your licenses and certifications are genuine. You will be required to pass a child neglect, or abuse background check in case you will be working with children. For you to be a fully operational drug counselor then you have to go through an exam which is about certification so that you are provided with the necessary license that states that you can handle people with an addiction and also those who have mental health issues.

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By lexutor

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