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Finding Similarities Between Wellness and Life

By lexutor Mar22,2018

List Of Applications That Help Individuals In Dropping Their Addiction

People recovering from addiction find it a long way to go about it, and they try all the means possible to get better. Without the right team by your side, recovering would be tough, and that is why one should look for those individuals who are willing to walk down this road with you, mo. matter how tough it gets. What has made it easier for addicts recovering in this era is the availability of a recovery friend whom one can carry around anytime.

Pocket Rehab Application

It is the type of an app that allowed the users to log into the site no matter the location and be in a position to communicate with other users who might be online. People can discuss real problems facing the world without having to know the individual one is communicating with and one also has a chance of asking questions and getting anonymous responses.

Get Sobertool On Your Phone

The application is meant to record the number of days one has stayed sober and gives one beautiful message that serves as a reminder of the course one has taken and how challenging the journey will become. It will also give an estimation of the money one has saved, and you have chance of communicating with people who are on the app and discuss your fears and success stores too.

Nomo App

Nomo is a tool that has a clock which one can use to tell the number of days they have stayed sober and it can be at all levels. If one loves to do things without guaranteed results, and that is why Nomo is the right tool for encouragement and keeping people on the right track which is an assurance that you can be better if one was to give the process more time.

Rtribe Tool

When things get tough, this is the app to turn to considering one can find a counselor who is there to listen to your issues and provide a solution. The support provided here is always a guarantee that you are not alone in the struggle and the team of experts will give you tips on how to best deal with your problem and ways of getting better.

Having Sober Grid Recovery App In Your Phone

Sober grid will get you new friends because one can see other people who are trying to stay clean within your area. It does not matter the stage of recovery an individual is at but, it is one of the best places to find friends who might be with you forever.

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By lexutor

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