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7 Benefits of Bit Black Honey for Health

By lexutor Aug 10, 2017

When you hear the word honey, surely what you have in mind is a sweet and legit benada. However, it turns out honey also has other types that are not sweet. This type of honey is known by the name of black honey bitter. As the name implies this bitter black honey is a honey that has a dark black color, in contrast to the honey in general that is yellow brown. In addition, this bitter black honey also has a bitter taste and has a very low sugar content when compared to ordinary honey in general.

The Origin of Black Honey

The bitter black honey itself is present in the forests of Borneo, where this honey is derived from the processing of nectar produced by wild bees, which takes it from mahogany trees. This is what causes a bitter taste and also black color on the honey because it is taken from the mahogany tree. Currently, this honey has been sold a lot in the form of bottle packaging, such as honey in general with various brands. You can choose in drug stores as well as pharmacies, as well as some may also be sold in traditional markets and you can buy online who sell original forest honey online

Just like honey in general, bitter black honey also has a lot of benefits for our bodies. What are the benefits? The following are some of the benefits of black honey:

1. Accelerate the healing process of various diseases
The first benefit of bitter black honey is that it can help to accelerate the healing of illness and also injury. With its high vitamin C benefits, black bitter honey can also help to heal wounds and also speed healing from various diseases. You just drink it regularly, 3 tablespoons a day to obtain maximum results.

2. High antioxidants
Bitter black honey also has a high antioxidant content. This high antioxidant benefits very well to help ward off free radicals and also can prevent premature aging, as well as the possibility of the emergence of cancer cells in the body. In addition to high antioxidants, black honey bitter also contains anti-bacterial and anti-virus content. This can keep the body from the entry of viruses and bacteria that cause various diseases.

3. Can increase endurance
Just like honey in general, black honey has a very good benefit to help improve endurance. This is of course very useful for you to prevent the emergence of attacks of various diseases, such as flu, cough, and fever. In addition, for children, black honey is also very good to protect from various disease-causing germs when playing outdoors.

4. Lower blood sugar levels and good for diabetics
In contrast to honey, in general, the benefits of black honey have a low content of sugar low, so black honey is very good to be consumed by diabetics who have high blood sugar levels. In addition, the bitter black honey also has a very good content to help lower blood sugar levels in the body. So, for those of you who suffer from diabetes, try to consume this bitter black honey.

5. Can restore stamina
Do you feel tired after a day of work? If so, try to consume black honey bitter. Yes, black bitter honey works to restore your stamina that has been drained after a day of activity, That way, you also become fresh again and also powerful to continue your activities and not easily feel tired again.

6. Can relieve symptoms of uric acid
Uric acid is one of the symptoms that arise due to the crystallization of fat in the joints of the body. When the recurrence of uric acid can cause extraordinary symptoms of pain and torture the sufferer, because it may cause the sufferer is difficult to move freely because of his illness. However, to relieve symptoms of uric acid, try to consume black honey bitter.

With a good nutritional health for the body, black honey also has a bitter content and also a very good benefit to relieve symptoms of uric acid that you feel.

7. Lowering cholesterol levels
Are you suffering from high cholesterol? Are you worried about your illness? If so, you can try to consume the bitter black honey. Yes, bitter black honey also has a good benefit to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Benefits of black honey are consumed regularly, then cholesterol levels in the body will slowly decrease, so you will feel the symptoms of high cholesterol is reduced.

By lexutor

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