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The impact of excessive exercise

By lexutor Aug10,2017

Exercise can be said to be excessive if done too often, with many times done in a day, which is actually once a session or twice is sufficient (may be more).

Likewise, if the sport is done with too long, up to hours in every day, then this is also not good.

As for everyday sports are still allowed, with the time of the hour / time is not excessive, it is recommended at least 30 minutes, whether for sports jogging, cycling etc.

The real danger is to exercise every day with a long time, even more than 1 hour for jogging (for example), then this obviously needs to be avoided.

Excessive exercise, in addition to causing the body pain, even to physical injury and muscle, can also lead to the occurrence of dehydration in the body.
Other problems are at risk of insomnia, depression, excessive fatigue in too long, so it will disrupt your activities.

Below is a Complete Explanation below.

Bad Injury

This certainly is certain, excessive exercise will make the body become excessive fatigue, so we will be very easy to get injured.

The most dangerous is to the extent that the body sprained to a broken bone. Or the minimum will make the body become muscle pain, so the sport that strengthens the body just actually make the condition of the body becomes bad.

Risk of Heart Failure

Excessive exercise fatigue can also make the heart weak, so it can increase the risk of damage to the heart, so it is important enough your daily nutrition to avoid it.

The Immune System Decreases

When sleeping is actually automatically the body will recover, but if you exercise too long resulted in reduced rest time, in addition to the body becomes very tired.

Thus causing the immune system also become weakened. As a result the body is very susceptible to disease such as cough, headache, fever, and other diseases.

Menstrual Disorders

Excessive exercise also causes too much body fat loss.

If such problems are experienced by women, the risk of menstrual abnormalities, and if such a thing lasts for a very long time, then it can be risky for infertility in women.

Resulting in the Release of Free Radicals

Too long exercise can also lead to the occurrence of excessive free radical release.

It is so very dangerous because it can be at risk of increasing the risk of gene mutation and cancer.

Have Difficulty Sleeping

Exercising is very useful so that we can sleep more soundly, but if doing exercise excessively it will make insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

Difficulty sleeping because the body is stressed, causing cortisol expenditure, making it difficult to relax that makes you unable to sleep.


Excessive exercise will lead to depression. Unlike if exercising done normally will make the soul more confident.

As for excessive exercise to make the body become very tired, both physical and psychological so that makes the person will be at high risk of severe depression.

Disturbance of Relationships with Others

This eighth point can happen, because people who are addicted to exercise then time out for that alone.

So make it isolated from the family environment even his friends, such as not wanting to attend an event or an invitation or get-together because they really want to exercise.

So, although you are a regular exercise, but time to socialize with family and friends.

Job, School and Other Activities

Excessive exercise causes the body to become tired easily and emotionally unstable, so it can make it difficult to concentrate both in work and schoolwork.

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By lexutor

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