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Choosing a Sober House: What Criteria Should You Use?

By lexutor Jun9,2019

As you’ve probably realized by now, recovery is a lifelong process. It doesn’t end just because you’re finished with detox or rehab. In fact, your journey to sobriety might be just beginning if you’ve decided to look into sober living homes Rockville MD.

How can you choose the best sober house for you? What should you be thinking about as you consider your options?

Here are just a few tips for finding and selecting a sober house. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it should be enough to get your wheels turning about where you’d like to go and how you’d like to live during the next stage of your recovery.

Look at the Neighborhood

You’ll be in and out of your sober house as you go about your daily activities, so make sure that it’s located in a safe, clean neighborhood. If you don’t drive, it will need to be close to a bus stop. You might also want to double-check that it isn’t near any well-known drug neighborhoods.

Know Your Budget

How much can you afford to spend on getting clean? Will any of the costs be covered by insurance? Does the sober house offer payment plans for people who can’t afford everything all at once? There’s no use in getting attached to a facility that’s outside of your budget, so one of the first things that you should do is look at its prices.

Take a Tour

The staff should be more than happy to show you around the sober house. You might even have the opportunity to meet some of the people living there. Don’t take it for granted: Ask questions and get answers from individuals who have been in your shoes and know what you’re going through.

These are just a few things to consider as you look at various sober houses. Whether you’re ready to commit today or are just doing some research for tomorrow, you’ll want to be careful with your decision. Don’t rush it. Make a choice that you feel confident about if you’re truly ready to beat your addiction for good.

By lexutor

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