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Take Your Horseback Riding to the Next Level

By lexutor Jun 9, 2019

When you’re looking to become more physically active, horseback riding is a great activity. It is physically demanding, even when you choose to ride recreationally. There are a few ways to boost the activity, too.

Boost Your Core Strength

Posture is important when you’re horseback riding. You need to make sure that you sit tall on the horse. By focusing on your core strength, it will make it easier for you to maintain command of the horse. Weights, ropes, and lunges can be used when you’re not on the horse to help with this.

Focus on Cardio

Boost your cardio so that you can also boost the cardio of your horse. This includes galloping, horse jumps, and more. It’s going to take time for both you and your horse to be ready for more activity. There are going to be times when you have to stand or squat when riding. By focusing on your cardio routine, it will prepare you for the more physically demanding activities when you go horseback riding.

Practice Regularly

You will want to practice with your horse regularly. While taking your horse for a leisurely ride doesn’t require any special props, jumps and other activities do. Buying horse jump gates will allow you to set up a full practice ring. Your horse will have the ability to practice more frequently. Plus, you’ll get used to the physical demands that it requires of you. Especially if you plan on competing, it’s important to have gates of your own to practice with.

Any time you go horseback riding, it’s going to be a physical activity. However, when you want to make it into more of a workout, get creative. Buy some props so that you can create a practice ring. It will allow both you and your horse to be more active.

By lexutor

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