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Why Do Teeth Get Sensitive To Cold?

By lexutor Mar19,2020

Why Do Teeth Get Sensitive To Cold? Many of us like to end a hearty meal with a yummy ice cream. However, some people find it uncomfortable or even painful when something cold touches their teeth. People having sensitive teeth should contact the dentist immediately as it could be an indication of development of a cavity or onset of some dental problem. If you attend to this problem in the initial stages itself, there are chances that you may escape the painful root canal treatment or even tooth extraction. Dental caries or tooth decay begins at the enamel layer and then proceeds to the inner layer called dentin. When the caries affects the dentin layer, the tubules present in this layer gets exposed and this is the reason for the tooth becoming sensitive to cold. Symptoms of caries may also start with dull or mild pain when cold water or food is consumed. Generally, if the decay is in the initial stages, tooth filling can be done to treat this condition. Sometimes, teeth become sensitive to cold substances if the gum lines recede due to bad oral habits like vigorous brushing or tobacco chewing. In this case, the root surface gets exposed making the tooth sensitive to cold. To solve this problem, the dentist places a gingival graft in order to prevent the exposure of root. Some people find their tooth becoming sensitive after a dental filling treatment. This could happen if the cavity is too deep requiring the dentist to fill in the dentin area. Until the dentin bridge is formed, the tooth could be sensitive and hence there is no need to worry. However, if the pain is very high and the caries has affected the deeper areas, a root canal treatment is unavoidable.

By lexutor

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